Global Esports Content House Revealed: Price, Facilities, Exclusive Quotes


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Global Esports Content House Revealed: Price, Facilities, Exclusive Quotes

Vignesh Raghuram
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Global Esports and CEO Rushindra Sinha have revealed one of the biggest, if not the biggest gaming content creation house in India – the Global Esports Content House. It will play host to all of the Indian esports organization’s players, content creators, and management team who will be working together to create content for their followers. With the facility also housing a 24-hour gym, a squash court, a full-fledged bar, and an indoor pool it is fair to say that the Global Esports Content House is nothing short of stunning.

Global Esports Content House Reveal

In the reveal video, Global Esports CEO Rushindra “Salbatic” Sinha and MD Mohit “Tsuki” Israney take fans on a guided tour around the new facility showcasing various rooms including the lodging facilities, entertainment amenities, and more.

GE’s vlog also hinted at the type of content we could expect from this gaming house. They state that they intend to do a variety of videos including Cooking Challenges, Pool Parties, Player Stories, Creator Diaries, Vlogs, and Podcasts from this compound.

A Separate Guild House for Esports

In an exclusive quote to AFK Gaming, Rushindra Sinha spoke about their plans for the new content house.

“This content house is going to house about 10 million subscribers worth of people over the next few months and we have more than a dozen IPs planned for this year. We’ll have the players stay and create content from the content house and scrim and play tournaments from the Guild House.”

The Guild House is Global Esports’ facility for esports operations and will double up as a production studio. Players will scrim and compete in tournaments from Global Esports’ Guild House which is just 5 minutes away from the content house.

Global Esports’ PUBG Mobile and Valorant teams will move into the Content House

Sinha also confirmed that GE’s popular Valorant and PUBG Mobile teams featuring the likes of Sangwan, Blaezi, Iconic, and HellrangeR will also be moving into the facility. 

Price of the Global Esports Content House

Considering the facilities, the Global Esports Content House certainly did not come for cheap. Sinha confirmed to AFK Gaming that the house costs about INR 30 Crores ($4.12 Million USD)

“The price of the house is 30 Crores because it is just off Pali Hill in the most expensive part of Mumbai. We haven’t bought it yet, but it’s on the horizon. We’ve taken it as a long term lease with the option to purchase.”

A number of other Indian gaming and esports organizations are also on the verge of unveiling their new esports and gaming facilities. S8uL is expected to unveil their much-hyped S8ul Gaming House 2.0 shortly. It is certainly going to be interesting to see how that matches up against GE’s content house.

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