Valorant Team Deathmatch: How to Win, Tips, TDM XP Farm and More


Valorant Team Deathmatch: How to Win, Tips, TDM XP Farm and More

Abhimannu Das
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  • Riot Games is reportedly working on Team Deathmatch for Valorant to offer a casual 5v5 experience.
  • Power-ups and health regeneration packs from FFA should make their way to the new game mode along with instant respawns.
  • The game mode should also offer consistent XP gains, making it ideal to grind out your battle pass each season.

Valorant’s team deathmatch could be a great way to warm up before your ranked matches and also earn tons of bonus XP. If you enjoy playing deathmatch and want to get better at it, we have some useful tips that you can use in your gameplay. While team deathmatch in Valorant does not exist currently, Riot Games is reportedly working on a TDM mode as part of an upcoming update. A lot of players enjoy it and it is also the best place to try out new agents and weapons without worrying about toxicity. In Valorant TDM, there are no loadout restrictions and enemy players drop health packs to help you move from one duel to the next without worrying about dying. Here’s a look at the best tips and tricks to improve at Valorant’s team deathmatch mode once it releases.

What is Valorant Team Deathmatch? 

Valorant Team Deathmatch: How to Win, Tips, TDM XP Farm and More
Team Deathmatch will offer a fast-paced and casual 5v5 experience. Image Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Team Deathmatch is a potential game mode that puts a twist on the current Free-for-all (FFA) mode that Riot Games offers. Instead of all players competing solo to reach the target kill count, Valorant TDM will allow players to group up and compete in a 5v5 mode. Leaks suggest that a TDM mode is in the works but we do not have a tentative release date just yet.

How Will Valorant’s Team Deathmatch Mode Work?

Valorant TDM should have the same characteristics as the FFA game mode. You will be able to pick any weapon you want and have max armor. Each time you get a kill, a health pack drops to top you up to full health so that you can safely move to the next engagement. Deaths are not permanent and you will respawn if you die at the cost of your opponents scoring points.

Valorant Team Deathmatch Tips and Tricks

  • Be constantly on the move and call out enemy positions. 
  • Use weapons you are comfortable with. 
  • Take advantage of cover when engaging in a duel. 
  • Take advantage of health packs and power-ups. 
  • Communicate with your teammates. 
  • Call out enemy positions.
  • Use your abilities actively for scouting or securing kills. 

Valorant TDM XP Farm

Valorant’s FFA mode offers you 500 XP each time you play. It does not matter if you win or lose which makes it a great source of XP farm. Valorant TDM should offer a similar experience and if you want to gain XP fast, spending some time in Deathmatch is highly recommended. 

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