Dr Disrespect Calls Valorant Addicting and Wants to Create a Map for the Game


Dr Disrespect Calls Valorant Addicting and Wants to Create a Map for the Game

Abhimannu Das
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  • Dr Disrespect said that he wants to create a Valorant map after showing off a clutch play on Twitter.
  • The popular Twitch streamer received an official response from Riot's Lydia Zanotti who promised new maps for the game.
  • The dev commented that community maps are not on the agenda right now but they may be considered in the future.

Dr Disrespect shared a Valorant clip recently and talked about how he loves the feeling of taking out the final member of the enemy team. He praised Valorant but also offered criticism on the game’s maps. He said that the game needs a few more fun maps and said his flip phone is open for Riot Games to reach out to him. A developer responded to the tweet saying that they will be bringing more maps to Valorant but did not take up Doc’s offer of letting him design a map for the game. Some fans expressed their disappointment and want Riot to let Dr Disrespect create a Valorant map. 

Why Does Dr Disrespect Want to Design A Valorant Map?

Dr Disrespect talked about how addicting Valorant while showing off a clutch play where he takes out the remainder of the enemy team on his own. He said, “I love this feeling, just knowing that I can read the fucking situation like it’s nothing. I love this feeling.” Popular streamers, including Shroud and Dr Disrespect, have played a lot of Valorant lately, and Doc went on to share how the game needs more maps and would love to design one. 

This is not the first time Dr Disrespect has shown interest in designing a map; he has worked on a Rogue Company map in the past and wants to do the same for Valorant. The part where he talks about his “flip phone” in the tweet is a part of Dr Disrespect’s character. He often uses the phone to “call” famous streamers, developers and set up collaborations. 

Will Dr Disrespect Work On A Valorant Map?

While Dr Disrespect has the experience to create maps with prior experience in Call of Duty and Rogue Company, it does not look like Riot has taken up on his offer just yet. Doc has been a part of Call of Duty’s development team and has the skills needed to work on a Valorant map. A lack of maps is one of the game’s most significant flaws at the moment, with just five maps available. Lydia Zanotti, a 3D Environment Artist from the Valorant team, said, “we don’t have any plans for community maps, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. VALORANT isn’t even a year old yet, and we have so many other things we want to do first... and we want to do them right.”

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