How to Surrender in Valorant


How to Surrender in Valorant

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  • Riot lets you use in-game commands to call for a surrender if you do not want to continue a Valorant game.
  • You need to wait until the 8th round and all teammates must vote in favour of a surrender to leave a match.
  • Only one surrender prompt may be triggered per half of a match and it is not recommended if you are playing ranked.

If you are wondering how to surrender in Valorant, it is possible with a system similar to one seen in League of Legends. A surrender option for Valorant was added months after its release, but not enough players know how to make use of it. While you should not give up on your teammates when there is a fighting chance but if you have a leaver or do not want to end up playing against a cheater who is running all over your team, you are better off queueing into the next game. Valorant’s patch 1.0.2 brought in the Early Surrender button that you can use to forfeit games. 

Surrendering in Valorant

If you feel that a match is unwinnable, you can use one of three commands to trigger the surrender option. Type any of the three commands in the chat 

  • /ff 
  • /concede
  • /surrender

Any one of three commands will notify your teammates that you want to surrender, and they get the option to respond with the F5 button to accept the surrender or F6 to reject it. They can also type /yes or /no into the chat. 

How Does the Surrender System Work in Valorant?

How to Surrender in Valorant
You can use /ff, /surrender, or concede in chat to call for a forfeit. Image Credit: Riot Games

To get your team to surrender, you need to have every player vote in favor of surrendering. Even if one player does not accept the option, it will not work, and the match will continue as normal. If you are solo queuing and want to get out of an unwinnable game, it is best advised to tell your teammates that you want to surrender before putting in the command. 

You cannot call for surrender before the 8th round, and you can only propose a surrender in Valorant once per half. This ensures that the surrender option cannot be abused or spammed. Communication with your teammates increases your chances of getting your team to surrender. If you have a full team and are losing, you are better off completing the match, but if there is a hacker or you are at a numbers disadvantage due to a disconnect, you can propose a surrender. Use it only when you are certain that there is no chance of winning. 

Why You Should Not Surrender in Competitive 

Even if surrendering saves you time or avoids a bad experience in-game, many players believe that you will end up losing more MMR by quitting than by completing the match. Not every match will go according to plan, but if you want to grind towards the next rank, you will lose a flat amount of MMR regardless of your performance, which is something to be wary of. 

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