Riot Hands 12-Month Ban to Top EU Valorant Player Nisay

Abhimannu Das
Published On: 05 Feb 2021, 06:50 AM
  • Yasin “Nisay” Gök was banned by Riot for cheating in Valorant's ranked mode but he claims he is innocent.
  • He has challenged Riot to show proof of him cheating and also questioned why he is still able to play on his account despite the ban.
  • Riot Games and the official Turkish VCT accounts are yet to respond to his claims and his name has been removed from the leaderboard.

Riot Games has banned top EU ranked player Yasin “Nisay” Gök for using third-party software. An official investigation was conducted by Riot recently which has led to the ban. Nisay has been removed from his team Beşiktaş Esports, and his contract was terminated. But the player has challenged the decision by Riot and claims that he is innocent. He said "I personally think I am being wronged, but I cannot do anything against a company like Riot. I request Riot to show me proof of the 3rd party software they detected and that it is cheating." The main Riot Games account and its Turkish counterpart are yet to respond to the player’s claims of innocence. 

Nisay Claims That He Is Innocent

Nisay claims that his account has not been banned from normal play which is what happens when a cheater is banned by Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat system. He claims that he is still able to play but the Valoran Champions Tour Turkey and Riot Games accounts on Twitter are yet to respond to him. The Anti-cheat Police Department account on Twitter which is an independent entity that verifies claims of cheating in Valorant for ranked and professional players said that Nisay is now missing from the official leaderboard.

Riot’s Inconsistency With Bans

Recently, Indian pro player Xhade was banned permanently for cheating in ranked but it led to a permanent suspension while Nisay received a 12-month ban for the same offense. Cheating ruins the competitive integrity of play, but Riot does not seem to have consistent guidelines for bans for Valorant. Spanish esports team Movistar Riders dropped Rui "rapaztriste" Fonseca recently for the same offense and he was handed a one-year ban as well. Despite the contention by Nisay, Vanguard and Riot’s own admin team have done a good job of keeping cheaters in check during esports events. 

Is Riot’s’ Anti-cheat Trustworthy?

Riot Games received a lot of negativity when Valorant launched because of its anti-cheat system. It was deemed to be too invasive, but it has improved greatly over the past few months. Thousands of cheaters have been banned with the help of the anti-cheat program and Riot has a dedicated admin team that verified the authenticity of players in Valorant First Strike. There have been zero reported incidents at the event and we can expect the same level of integrity in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour which is set to be the game’s biggest esports event yet. 

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