Indian Valorant Pro Admits to Cheating

Abhimannu Das
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  • Paratroops Pro Player Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude was caught cheating in ranked which caused him to be disqualified from the TEC Invitational.
  • The player was confronted by Indian pro players from the community and he finally admitted to cheating after denying allegations.
  • Players have requested the community to not personally attack Xhade in any way or form and to not spread hate.

Paratroops player Abhay "Xhade" Urkude was disqualified from The Esports Club Invitational after the player got banned by Riot Games in the middle of the tournament. The organizers tried to reach out to Riot to identify the ban's cause but did not receive a response in time. 

TEC allowed Paratroops to continue with Xhade being removed from the roster temporarily. It was discovered soon after that the player was using cheats in Ranked Games. The player also admitted to the same in a recent livestream on Valorant streamer, 8bit Binks69's channel. 

Xhade And His Confessions

Xhade initially denied all cheating allegations following which many players within the Indian Valorant community offered their support. But after being confronted multiple times, the player finally admitted to cheating in Ranked Games. 

Mithul "Binks69" Nayak and other prominent Indian Valorant players confronted Xhade on Discord, where the banned player revealed that he used cheats in three matches. 

Xhade tried to defend himself, stating that he was using ‘only wallhacks and not aim assist.’ The player’s reasoning behind hacking was that the ranked grind was frustrating for him, and he was facing cheaters on numerous occasions. He wanted to reach Radiant, which is why he resorted to cheating. 

According to 8bit Binks69, the player did not cheat during The Esports Club Invitational, and his use of wall hacks was limited to the game’s ranked ladder only. 

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Xhade has since deleted his YouTube channel and has been unreachable on social media. Players within the community have shamed him for his actions and have asked him to stay away from competitive esports. His actions can have consequences for not just himself but also his teammates and the future of Indian esports as well. Despite the act, prominent players like Psy, HellrangeR, and Excali have requested the competitive Valorant community and its fans not to spread hate and try to attack Xhade personally.

It remains to be seen if Xhade clears his name or ever returns to competitive gaming and what the future is like for Paratroops. It has been less than 10 days since Riot revealed that they are thrilled with the launch of Valorant in India and were assessing their plans for the next steps on their presence in the region, including esports. 

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