You Can Open Teleporters in Valorant From Outside as Raze


You Can Open Teleporters in Valorant From Outside as Raze

Abhimannu Das
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  • Raze players can now use their Boombots to open up teleporters from outside in Valorant.
  • Killjoy and Sova are also able to take advantage of similar bugs and catch enemies off guard.
  • Riot is yet to address these teleporter issues with only Cypher's buggy Spy Cam being fixed in a recent update.

A recent bug was discovered by a Valorant player that allows you to open teleporters from outside as Raze. This is not the first time that a bug of its kind was discovered with several other agents in the game’s roster being able to pull off the same trick. Riot has left these bugs untouched for quite some time, and we don’t know if the devs will be fixing these issues anytime soon.

How to Use Your Boombot To Open Teleporters as Raze

The video below shows a demonstration on how to open teleporters in Valorant as Raze from the outside. It would help if you had your Boombot to pull off the trick. Multiple other agents, including Sova and Killjoy, can do the same using their abilities. You need to get as close to the teleporter as possible with Raze to pull it off consistently. 

Unlike Raze’s trick, which should work on all maps if you do it correctly, other agents can usually pull this off in specific maps. If you want to open teleporters as Sova, you can do so on Bind. You can use his arrows to open the A teleporter from outside, which can be very useful against attackers or rotating players. The audio queue can be heard by all players whenever the teleporter is used, but it will throw off enemies and confuse them. 

There is a hole on the outside of the map close to the teleporter door that you can shoot your arrows into. If you fire Sova’s arrow into the hole, it activates the teleporter from outside. You need to stand near the back wall on B Site and charge your shot right into the hole. The lineup works with Reckon and Shock bolts. If you want to stall a rotating player or deal with a player inside a teleporter, it can be handy.

The recent teleporter glitches that have been discovered can be used by both you and your allies regardless of who activates them. Killjoy’s Alarm Bot can pull off something similar. The only bug Valorant fixed when it comes to teleporter bugs is Cypher’s ability to open them using his Spy Cam. These lineups can be very useful, and you can use them to your advantage. However, please do not get too reliant on them as Riot is likely to fix these bugs eventually with multiple patches lined up in the upcoming weeks. 

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