Valorant Fan Shows Off In-Match Cosmetic Switching Concept

Abhimannu Das
Published On: 25 Jan 2021, 11:30 AM
  • A Valorant player showed off a concept that shakes up the Buy menu to offer skin customization during matches.
  • Valorant Leaks responded to the concept and they approved of it claiming it's a very good idea.
  • Players can choose up to five skins saved up in their loadout and swap skins during the Buy phase.

Riot Games offers a ton of skins via its store and the Night Market, but there is not a lot of customization you can do while you are in a game. You can only change your skins when you are not in a match, and you have to head all the way to the weapons menu to apply your favourite skins. A Valorant fan came up with an in-game system that lets you change your skins during matches via an intuitive UI. He shared it with Riot Games and Valorant Leaks and got a positive response from the latter. 

What Does the In-Game Customization Menu Look Like?

The in-game menu shown off by rAsk is quite intuitive and blends right into the buy menu where you purchase your weapons from. The change he suggests simply adds a paintbrush icon beside all of the available weapons, and once you click on it, you can choose one of your owned skins and apply them directly. 

While this might not be a gameplay changing feature, it is still a nice feature to have for players who want as much customization as possible in-game. Similar features exist in other popular shooters like Overwatch and Apex Legends, and there’s no reason for Valorant to skip out on such quality-of-life changes. In Overwatch, you get to choose skins for your characters in the character select screen, while in Apex Legends you can pick up weapons with skins of other players or apply your own favorite skin via the in-game UI. 

Valorant Leaks responded to the concept after rAsk shared it online. They said, “I actually kind of like this, but this is a bit bulky, there is too much going on at once. The paint Icons should be smaller but otherwise Great concept!” It is unlikely that we will see many quality-of-life changes like these being implemented anytime soon, considering the rough patch Valorant is going through in terms of bugs and underlying issues with its MMR system. 

The game has been very buggy lately, with a number of game-breaking glitches making it into the game, ruining the experience for millions of players worldwide. Riot has been very responsive with bugfixes in the past, with an average of a one or two-day response time for hotfixes, but things have slowed down greatly since the start of 2021. Patch 2.0.1 has been very problematic, and we can expect some important fixes heading into the game in the coming days. 

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