Everything You Need to Know About The Valorant Champions Tour 2021


Everything You Need to Know About The Valorant Champions Tour 2021

Abhimannu Das
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  • The Valorant Champions Tour qualifiers kick off tomorrow with Latin America qualifiers taking place.
  • All regions will complete their qualifiers by early February before we move on to the Masters event.
  • 16 teams will make it to the main LAN event which will bring together the best teams in the world across all regions.

The Valorant Champions Tour is just one day away from kicking off. The LATAM region qualifiers begin tomorrow and we will have North America qualifiers kick off on Jan 27th. Other regions will follow suit in the coming weeks and we will see a total of 16 teams make it to the main event from all regions.  

Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Overview

There will be 16 teams making it to the main event from the following regions: 

  • North America – 3
  • Europe – 4
  • Brazil – 2
  • Korea – 2
  • Japan 2- 
  • SEA – 2
  • LATAM – 1

Fans from India and South Asia were left shocked after Riot Games excluded them from the region. Despite having dedicated servers and a tweet talking about Riot’s involvement with Indian esports, India along with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have been left out from the list of eligible countries. 

Valorant Champions Tour. Image Via: Riot Games

Teams that qualify via the Masters event will get to earn points for the Champions event which will take place later in the year. The full schedule of the event is yet to be revealed by Riot but the first set of Challenger events will begin by early February. 

North America – Three teams with two via circuit points and one via Last Chance Qualifier. Oceania has been included in the NA region.

Europe – Two teams will qualify via circuit points and one via Last Chance Qualifier. CIS, Turkey and North Africa teams will be a part of the EU region for this event.

Brazil – Two teams via circuit points

LATAM – Two teams via circuit points

Brazil – Two teams via circuit points

Japan – One team via circuit points

SEA – Two teams via circuit points

Korea – One team via circuit points

Brazil – One team via the Last Chance qualifier 

Japan-SEA-Korea – One team via the Last Chance qualifier 

In addition to these teams, the winner of the Masters 3 event will also be part of the final event. 

The first official season of the Valorant Championship Tour will feature three tiers, with the Challengers level being the first step to the global championship. Teams from Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, and Europe will compete regionally and move onto the international Masters tournaments where they can earn circuit points. Teams that earn the most points in the Masters event or win at the Last Chance events will get the opportunity to compete at the Champions event. The final stage will have 16 teams competing for the championship title. The final event will be held around December and Riot is trying to host a LAN event with proper safety precautions in mind amidst COVID-19 regulations being in place globally.  

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