New Omen Bug Lets You Spam His Ultimate Ability Without Cooldown in Valorant


New Omen Bug Lets You Spam His Ultimate Ability Without Cooldown in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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  • Players have discovered yet another game-breaking Omen glitch that breaks casual and ranked play.
  • The latest bug lets you spam your ultimate ability without any cooldown by abusing an animation cancel.
  • Riot Games is yet to respond to the bug and has not offered an ETA on a fix yet.

Valorant has had a rough start to 2021 with way too many game-breaking issues to count, and players just discovered yet another bug that makes Omen a menace to deal with in-game. The agent can now use infinite teleports because of a bug that allows players to cancel and re-use his ultimate ability, allowing them to teleport as many times as they want. 

Valorant’s Most Notorious Agent Back At It Again With More Bugs

Omen is notorious for his bugs discovered throughout 2020, and it does not look like things are changing for the better this year. Valorant released Episode 2 earlier this month with patch 2.0, which had its fair share of problems. Still, patch 2.0.1 has really made things worse, with several game-breaking bugs ruining the competitive experience for players. From opening teleporters to flying around the map, the list of unintended interactions that players have discovered in the past few days keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Omen has always been one of the most popular agents since release, and despite his nerfs recently, he sees a ton of competitive play. The latest bug discovered by players lets you spam his ultimate ability without any cooldown. A Reddit clip was shared by u/LogicalLogix that shows you Omen’s ultimate being used multiple times without any cooldown between uses. 

In the clip, we can see Omen activate his teleport, cancel the animation right at the end and use the teleport again. According to the player, “you have to pull out your knife and left click on the map at the same time, then use an ability right before you tp.” He claims that the timing is hard to get down. Some players pointed out that there have been very few patches without any Omen bugs in the game. 

Omen’s bug is not the only one in the game, with agents like Killjoy and Sova being able to open up teleporters from outside, causing a lot of confusion among players who face bug abusers in casual and competitive play. Riot Games is yet to acknowledge the issue, and there is no word on when the bug will be fixed. Most of the previous Omen bugs were fixed within a day or two, but since patch 2.0.1, which has had arguably the most exploits discovered by players, Riot has not responded with any emergency fixes yet.

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