Players Discover Multiple Game-Breaking Killjoy Bugs in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
Published On: 21 Jan 2021, 12:40 PM
  • Players have discovered multiple game-breaking bugs that allow you to abuse Killjoy's abilities.
  • You can play Killjoy's nades during plants which is an accessible exploit since August and no fixes have been deployed.
  • The agent can also open teleporters using her Alarmbot which is a more recent bug that needs immediate attention.

The string of bugs discovered in Valorant’s latest patch continues with Killjoy players finding out multiple ways to break the game with the German agent. From being able to open teleporters from outside to post-plant killjoy nades, these exploits are getting out of hand and require immediate attention. 

Killjoy’s Post-Plant Nades on Split

The above clip shows off a post-plant nade that you can use as Killjoy. After Redditor u/LingerALittleLonger showed off the glitch, others pointed out that the post-plant nades have been around since release, and there are multiple spots where you can abuse the bug. Riot Games is yet to address the issue despite the character being introduced to the game in August 2020. The game received several bugfixes yesterday with patch 2.0.1, but it turns out that you can still make use of Killjoy’s nades when planting. 

Killjoy Alarmbot Teleporter Interaction Bugged

As Killjoy, if you place your Alarmbot at specific parts along the wall of a teleporter, it will open up the door and let you enter the teleporter. This interaction is unintended, and it is normally not possible unless you are in the other area. 

You can have one player wait at the teleporter and watch for enemy rotations and have Killjoy open the door to catch enemies by surprise. These exploits count towards bannable offenses and should not be used by players. The only thing keeping the bug from being more game-breaking than it already is is that audio queues give away the exploit. If you leave the teleporter, enemies will be alerted of your presence, making the exploit not foolproof.

Some of the other bugs that were discovered recently include Yoru taking self-damage and even dying when using his teleport ability. Cypher was able to destroy Sage’s walls using his camera. Some of the recent bugs have been fixed by Riot Games, but dozens of issues are plaguing the game that requires immediate attention from the developers. 

Riot Games has recently been slow at addressing issues within the game, with bugs, matchmaking, cheating, and throwing being just some of the major problems that players are frustrated by. The developers are yet to acknowledge Killjoy's bugs, and with the bugs being around for six months, it is uncertain when we can expect fixes to the agents and her interactions. 

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