Elliot Page Partners with Buzzfeed Studios to Star in Esports Movie 1UP


Elliot Page Partners with Buzzfeed Studios to Star in Esports Movie 1UP

Abhimannu Das
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  • Elliot Page is set to star in a new movie based on gaming and esports in partnership with Buzzfeed Studios.
  • He will play the role of aspiring esports star Vivian Lee and her journey to prove herself in esports.
  • The movie will tackle topics like sexism in the esports industry and bring up issues parallel to Gamergate.

Buzzfeed Studios and Elliot Page of Umbrella Academy and Juno fame are partnering to produce a movie that centers around a young esports star's ambitions and struggles with sexism. Elliot Page has been part of the video games industry prior to the new 1UP project. He was a part of the Beyond: Two Souls game as the protagonist. 

What to Expect From 1UP?

Elliot Page has previously starred in the video game Beyond: Two Souls.
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Elliot Page will be teaming up with Paris Berelc to take on the leading roles while Kyle Newman will be directing the film. The story revolves around Vivian Lee, a female college-level esports star who sees herself as a misfit because she refuses to “put up with sexism from her male counterparts”. The story will revolve around Lee’s journey of finding success in esports by finding and assembling an all-female esports team that “can compete with the boys. 

The movie will also cover the arc of the team’s enigmatic coach who was involved in her own Gamergate scandal and wants to make a return to the spotlight. Director Kyle Newman talked about how the movie seeks to be gaming’s equivalent of Pitch Perfect but in the world of esports. 

Newman is known for working on comedy films like Barely Lethal and Fanboys, and it will be his first film on gaming. The script of 1UP is by Julia Yorks while Richard Alan Reid, Michael Philip, and Jason Moring are producing the movie for Buzzfeed Studios. 

1UP is set to be one of the few mainstream movies on esports and video gaming culture, with most other silver screen releases being video game adaptations. Buzzfeed seeks to “develop and produce what it sees are socially relevant and high-concept feature films for global millennial and Gen Z audiences.” It will be Buzzfeed’s first feature film via the newly formed Buzzfeed Studios. We do not have a release date for the movie yet but speculations from entertainment websites suggest that the movie may see a 2021 release on online streaming platforms. 

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