Here is the Lore and Story of Valorant’s Upcoming Agent Yoru


Here is the Lore and Story of Valorant’s Upcoming Agent Yoru

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant's latest agent Yoru had his lore and backstory figured out by fans within the community.
  • The new agent is a time traveller or a descendant of the samurai we saw in Icebox.
  • Yoru will release next week alongside the Episode 2 content drop.

Valorant had its biggest leak yet, and we received all the details of the game’s upcoming Episode 2 drop. In addition to the battle pass leaks and an overview of the upcoming agent Yoru, we also got a glimpse into his backstory and a ton of easter eggs that tell us more about the character.

Yoru’s Leaked Backstory and Lore

Valorant Agents and their origins. Image Credit: Riot Games

According to the official description that was discovered in-game, Yoru is “A native of Japan Yoru can create gaps, in reality, itself to sneak into enemy territory unnoticed. Strength and stealth allow him to take enemies by surprise - they won't even have time to understand where death came from.”

There is also an easter egg in the game’s current version where you can hear Yoru’s ultimate voice line during the buy phase. It seems like it is a random occurrence and you might be lucky to hear it in your Valorant matches. Here is a clip of the easter egg in action: 

According to the official lore, Valorant’s story is moving forward with each agent’s ID number indicating their joining order in the roster. Brimstone is the first agent to join Valorant while Yoru is the 15th. What is confusing for some fans is that Yoru was supposed to be the 14th agent according to some leaks, but Riot made some changes due to the delay in Episode 2’s release. Skye was released before Yoru which makes her Agent 14 and Yoru takes the number 15 spot. 

Players had spotted a Samurai on Icebox a few months ago, and Yoru is somehow connected to that character. He is most likely a descendant of the samurai and came to retrieve the armor in the map which triggered the name “uninvited guest” in Icebox. 

There are two explanations of how Yoru is in our present timeline. He either time-traveled to Icebox using a Radianite Rift or he is a descendant of the samurai we saw in Icebox earlier. Icebox is located in Bennett Island in Russia, and Yoru may have traveled to the location from the ancient Japanese era of the 1800s. 

An old newspaper clip in-game references time travel in the Valorant universe. Image Credit: Riot Games

Time travel and dimensions are canon in Valorant lore, which makes Yoru’s backstory of being a time traveler entirely possible. This is further reinforced by a newspaper from the game’s files, and it seems like it is from the year 1906. It reinforces the fact that there are time travelers in the Valorant universe and Yoru is likely to be one of them. 

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