XQC Fans Send Death Threats to Twitch Streamer Ash


XQC Fans Send Death Threats to Twitch Streamer Ash

Abhimannu Das
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  • XQC is under fire from the the Twitch community after his viewers sent death threats to Ash_on_lol.
  • He was toxic towards Ash during a Rust stream and his viewers sent death threats to Ash.
  • XQC has apologized for the incident on behalf of his viewers.

Just a day after getting into controversy for calling TSM Myth a cheater, XQC is in hot waters yet again. He was playing on OfflineTV’s Rust server and cursed at a smaller streamer who goes by Ash_on_lol. Soon after, some of his fans went to the streamer’s channel and sent death threats. While death threats are not serious in most cases and are sent by trolls, such behavior is looked down upon and XQC took the heat for his viewers’ actions.

Why Did XQC’s Fan Send Death Threats to Ash?

XQC got riled up during a match of Rust on the OfflineTV server and flamed Ash. Some of his viewers went to Ash’s stream and sent toxic messages with some of them suggesting that she should kill herself for what she did in game. While the number of toxic viewers pull off such stunts from XQC’s channel are not many in number, many have asked OfflineTV to ban XQC from the server to avoid any further complications. 

His fans can be very toxic, especially considering how big his follower count is. The streamer should not have to be accountable for his viewers’ actions as he did not ask any of his viewers to behave in such a manner towards others in the community, but this is not the first time such an event has occurred surrounding XQC. 

After XQC found out about the incident, he apologized and said “The OTV Rust server is too fun, that’s all I think about. My competitiveness overwhelmed me and I was rude to non-PVPers. Tomorrow we’re gonna do better and Team Rocket will take over.” XQC has been a controversial figure in the Twitch community with multiple bans on not just Twitch but also during his competitive Overwatch career. 

Sending death threats has become a major issue on Twitch and even if most viewers do not mean what they say, it is verbal abuse. Twitch streamer Sweet Anita was sent death threats earlier this year by a stalker, and she threatened to call the police to stop the viewer. Twitch has been trying to stop verbal abuse on the platform by banning multiple words and updating their terms of service. But despite their efforts, usage of banned words has doubled in December. There are also no strict rules that are enforced on Twitch and it is up to streamers and their viewers to uphold Twitch’s code of conduct. 

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