Valorant’s Omen Breaks the Game Once Again


Valorant’s Omen Breaks the Game Once Again

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant players have discovered another game-breaking Omen glitch that makes him invulnerable.
  • Omen can shoot other players within his smoke and cast his abilities without being damaged.
  • Riot is yet to address the issue and we have no ETA on a fix.

Omen and Valorant glitches have become synonymous with each other, with multiple fixes being deployed in the past to resolve game-breaking issues. The latest bug that players discovered recently lets you kill enemies as Omen while being invulnerable. Players were originally using the glitch to pull out the Omen’s smoke and use any of Omen’s abilities at the same time without any delays. While that might not sound too game-breaking, some players were able to figure an even more sinister version of the glitch.

What Is the New Omen Glitch in Valorant?

Right after the first glitch was discovered, some players figured out that the ability cancer mechanic can be abused even further. Using Omen’s smoke using the new glitch, you can also kill enemies while being inside your smoke. The glitch makes you completely invulnerable, and you also get to cast your ultimate at the same time, allowing you to use your skills while being invulnerable. 

This is not the first time that such a game-breaking bug has been discovered with Omen. The first bug that the players discovered when Valorant came out was the ability to farm your ultimate very quickly on the character and use it far more often than other characters could. If the new bug is abused, it could lead to a poor competitive experience for players. 

Riot Games is yet to acknowledge the issue, but the last time such a game breaking bug was discovered, we received a fix within a day or two. There is no word on when Riot will be fixing the bug, but it is recommended not to abuse the bug for gameplay advantage as it harms other players’ in-game experience and can also result in a ban. 

Last month we had Killjoy placing turrets below Icebox and another glitch that allowed Omen to teleport to unintended locations with a little help from Sage. An update rolled out that prevented Sage from casting her walls before starting a round that resolved the issue. She also got a buff to her barrier in the process to balance the nerf. With so many abilities and interactions being introduced, such glitches are becoming more commonplace, and Riot will hopefully have a permanent fix for Omen’s glitches. The studio fixed the previous bugs in one day, but it can take a little longer because of the holiday season. 

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