TSM Myth Shuts Down XQC’s Stream Sniping Accusations


TSM Myth Shuts Down XQC’s Stream Sniping Accusations

Abhimannu Das
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  • Myth responded to XQC's allegations of him stream sniping in Rust earlier this week.
  • Myth showed his perspective and gameplay which proved that he figured out XQC's location from in-game audio.
  • The TSM streamer also mocked XQC and mimicked him for his baseless allegations.

Earlier this week, popular streamer XQC accused Twitch star TSM Myth of stream sniping him in Rust. After Myth found out about the allegations, he hit back at XQC and cleared his name on stream. 

What Happened Between XQC and Myth?

Like Among Us’ sharp rise in popularity years after its release, Rust has recently seen some resurgence, with some of the biggest streamers like Shroud and Valkyrae playing the game. Earlier this week, things got very heated with XQC accused TSM Myth of stream sniping because Myth seemingly knew where XQC was and killed him.

XQC looked at the footage and thought that Myth was stream sniping him, and there is no way he could’ve known where to find him. He said, “I can go from stone quarry back to airfield five times without seeing a single player. But out of 100 players, I see Myth like six times, dude. It’s just right place, right time, dude. It’s just coincidental, really. No weird sh*t happening.” XQC was upset over the incident, but it turns out that Myth was able to figure out where the streamer was due to proximity chat. 

For those who are not familiar with Rust, the game has a proximity chat system that lets you listen to nearby players in-game. With XQC constantly yelling on the mic, Myth was able to figure out his location very easily. He even turned up his volume and helped his viewers listen to XQC’s voice in-game, giving away his location to everyone near him. 

Myth showed his own footage on stream, and his perspective was enough to prove that he was not stream sniping. He said, “I know Twitch chat is Twitch, but I would like for the few viewers who actually want to listen to reason and logic to not think that I’m a scummy human being, you know?”

But he did not stop there. He did take up the opportunity to mock XQC later in the stream by mimicking him. Later in his stream, he got killed by Team Rocket was copying XQC’s antics and called the players he died to stream snipers. Both streamers have been going back and forth with their antics recently and stirring up some banter and drama within Twitch. If Rust continues to be popular in 2021, we can expect both streamers to go at each other again in the coming weeks. 

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