Ninja Lets Loose at His Teammate in Valorant


Ninja Lets Loose at His Teammate in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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  • Ninja was visibly upset at one of his teammates recently during a ranked Valorant game.
  • He was unhappy with how his Duelist was dying early in the fights putting his team at a disadvantage.
  • Ninja told his fans that he wants players to take ranked matches seriously.

Ninja is known for being the number one streamer on Twitch with over 16 million followers. He kicked off his career as a competitive player in Halo, before moving on to Fortnite and now some Valorant too. After spending time learning the game, he reached the rank of Radiant in Valorant but he can let his emotions get in the way from time to time. After being down 0-6 on Haven recently, he was upset at one of his teammates and started a war of words. 

Why Did Ninja Yell At His Teammate?

It was not Ninja who started the fight as the player he was shouting at wrote something in the game chat which made the streamer upset. His face was covering the in-game text so we have no idea what was said to him. But he responded with “Shut the f*** up” which led to the teammate saying he does not care who Ninja is and will not shut up if he is asked to. 

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Ninja called out the player for being bad at the game and he was extremely frustrated at how the match was going. The teammate took up the Duelist role and was being picked off too early, which caused the team to lose fights. The Reyna player got called out for bottom fragging by Ninja, to which he responded that he does not care about the ranked mode.

Despite going back and forth with their arguments, both players seemed to focus up and stop the enemy team from steamrolling. While they still lost, they managed to fight back in eight rounds with the match ending 8-13. After the match ended, Ninja said “You guys know how I stand when it comes to matchmaking games. If you’re playing a competitive game and your excuse is ‘relax, it’s just ranked,’ you’re just a piece of s**t.” The streamer hits top ranks in most games he plays and he has played competitively in the past. He takes ranked mode seriously and said that he wants his teammates to take competitive games seriously as well when playing ranked. 

This is not the first time that Ninja has been in the midst of controversy in Valorant. He was competing in a recent tournament and called out one of the opponent players as a cheater. The enemy team (Built By Gamers) was banned from Knights Before Christmas tournament while Ninja’s team qualified. After thorough investigation, BBG was reinstated into the tournament with Ninja’s team being eliminated. 

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