XTZ Esports Wins Valorant Championship at Predator Gaming League


XTZ Esports Wins Valorant Championship at Predator Gaming League

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  • Acer’s biggest annual esports event The Predator Gaming League has concluded with three teams winning INR 4,00,000.
  • “GaBRU eSports” emerged as the champions for PUBG PC at the finals.
  • “XTZ” won the title for the champions for Valorant at India Finale, and “Couldn’t Care Less” won the title for Valorant for Women.

Acer’s biggest annual esports event The Predator Gaming League has come to a close with PUBG and Valorant tournaments being hosted this year. The event had two separate tournaments for PUBG and Valorant as well as a women’s only tournament. GaBRU Esports won the PUBG PC tournament, Couldn’t Care Less took home the Valorant Women’s championship while XTZ Esports won the Valorant championship title at the India finale.

Predator Gaming League 2020 Overview

The event saw three tournaments being hosted across the past month. Image by Acer

The Predator Gaming League concluded with 16 finalists making it to the PUBG main event, 4 teams each made it to the Valorant and Valorant for Woman tournaments. This was the fourth edition of the tournament with Valorant being a new addition to the previously PUBG-only event. The total prize pool of the event was set at INR 4,00,000 ($5430).

Acer’s Chief Business Officer Mr. Sudhir Goel commented “We are delighted to announce the winner of Acer’s 4th edition of Predator League 2020 India finale held in Bengaluru. Even through the pandemic we are witnessing the rise of eSports in India and the online gaming industry is rising too with the increase of affordable PC hardware in the market. I am extremely pleased that we are able to offer our gaming fans and the best e-sports players a platform like Predator League to show their skills and the love for the games.”

The event was streamed on Acer’s social media channels with thousands of fans attending the event online. Registrations for the event closed on December 3 as the month-long gaming league saw players from all over the country sign up and participate in the events. Hundreds of teams signed up in the qualifiers and a total of 24 teams made it to the main event across all three tournaments. The event was held completely online unlike the previous iterations of the Acer Predator Gaming League which were LAN events. 

About Predator Gaming League

The Predator League is a yearly event held in partnership with Acer. The tournament seeks to support the gaming industry in the APAC region, and in India, we have had PUBG tournaments in past years. With the introduction of Valorant, the Acer Predator League is now hosting tournaments for two of the most popular esports titles in India. The league officially launched in 2018 and this will be the third year of the event and its fourth event overall. 

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