The Best Skin Collections in Valorant

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  • Here is our ranking for all the Valorant skin collections available in-game for purchase.
  • The Elderflame collection is by far the most iconic and is definitely worth getting if you want to buy a bundle.
  • The season pass skins are the most affordable options as you get a bunch of skins for 1000 VP only.

 Riot Games’ Valorant is one of the best free-to-play games out there, and the developers are able to support the game through its in-game cosmetics store. The game has some of the coolest weapon skins we have ever seen and if you are looking to grab skins from the in-game store or the Night.Market, here are our recommendations. 

10. Singularity Collection

The Singularity skin bundle was launched with Act III and had skins for the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, and one for the Tactical Knife. The price of each skin is set at 2175 Valorant Points for the weapon skins and 4350 VP for the melee skin. If you choose to get the entire bundle, you can get it for 8700 VP. The skins have a black and purple colour scheme similar to that of Reyna’s outfit. 

9. Prism Collection

The Prism Collection has skins for the Ares, Spectre, Ghost, Phantom, Operator and the Tactical Knife. The bundle is cheaper than most lineups on the list at 6375 VP. The weapon skins cost 1275 VP compared to 2175 in most other sets. The skins have unique animations and a prismatic effect on them. 

8. Aristocrat Skins

The Aristocrat skins are not sold as a bundle, but you can get the individual skins for the Ares, Vandal, Bulldog, Stinger and Sheriff. The Sheriff skin is one of the best in the game and the skins have a regal aesthetic to them. The skins cost 1275 VP each, and if you grab all of them, it will set you back by 6375 VP. There is no discount available if you grab the full set. 

7. Serenity Collection

The Serenity collection was added as a part of Act 3 and you need the Ignition: Act 3 battle pass to obtain it. If you do not have the Act 3 battle pass, you can get it for just 1000 VP. It will set you back by roughly $10, and if you progress the pass, you will get all 4 skins. The pass will be retired on January 12th so you should grab it as soon as possible if you like the skins. The four skins available are for Ghost, Spectre, Phantom and Judge. 

6. Surge Collection

The Surge skins are upgradeable skins from the Act 3 battle pass and just like the Serenity collection, the Surge skins are going away on January 12th. If you want to get your hands on them, you need to get the Act 3 Premium battle pass. You get skins for the Classic, Sherrif, Stinger and Bucky with purple, white and pink textures.

5. Oni Collection

The Oni collection costs 7100 VP and you get a set of upgradeable skins for the Bucky, Shorty, Guardian, Phantom and a melee skin called the Oni Claw which is a nice change of pace from the knife skins we have been getting. The collection pays a homage to the classic Japanese Oni demon, and they also have the option of upgrading the skins for 310 Radianite points for all the skins or 75 RP for each weapon skin. 

4. Winterwunderland Collection

The Winterwunderland skin line is one of the more affordable options out there will the full set priced at 5,100 Vp. You can get the individual skins for the Phantom, Ghost, Marshal and Vandal for 1275 VP each. The Candy Cane is the biggest attraction of the bundle, and there’s no better way to finish off an enemy than with a Christmas Candy Cane!

3. Prime Collection

The Prime Bundle is one of the oldest and it still holds up as one of the best skin lineups available in-game. Set at a price of 7,100 for all skins or 1,775 VP for each of the skins. The sounds and unique reload animations on the skins make the bundle worth it. The colour scheme might not be for everyone, but the wild canine animation and the glowing eyes make the skins very appealing. 

2. Reaver Collection

The Reaver finisher animation is by far the best in the game, and you feel like a reaper with souls groaning and crying as you equip or reload your gun. The Sheriff’s Reaver skin is the best of the lot and definitely worth getting if you are looking to purchase some weapon skins. The bundle costs 7,100 VP while the weapon skins are priced at 1,775 a pop. 

1. Elderflame Collection 

The Elderflame collection has some of the most impressive skins in the entire game, and it edges out everything that came after it so far. The fantasy-themed skins look and feel incredible to use. The bundle of 8 sins will set you back by 9,900 VP which makes it the most expensive bundle on this list. You get skins for Operator and Vandal, which are two of the most used weapons in the game and the upgraded versions of the skins are just fantastic with flames and embers getting added to them.

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