Valorant Game Designer Confirms Incoming Nerf To Run and Gun Playstyle

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant Game Designer Max Grossman has confirmed incoming nerfs to sprinting and spraying.
  • The Valorant community at large is upset with how accurately players can shoot while sprinting.
  • The changes will not go live in the next patch but players can expect changes in the subsequent patches to adjust accuracy.

One of the most recent complaints about Valorant’s sandbox is the run and gun accuracy. Players can run and shoot with little to no accuracy penalty. Multiple pro players have raised the issue in the past few months, and Riot is finally looking into the issue. 

Why Do Running and Gunning Need a Nerf in Valorant?

In most tactical games, gunfights usually involve using a strategy to approach your targets and shoot them. Standing still offers much higher accuracy than sprinting and shooting. This is well represented in CS:GO, but in Valorant’s case, it is not so. Players can run and gun without being punished. 

The concerns raised due to running and gunning are not only shared by professional players, but players of all ranks have also reiterated it. Riot had nerfed the gameplay style in the past in the beta when patch 0.5 came out. But not much has changed since then and accuracy while sprinting is still too high for players to enjoy the game. 

When Will Riot Nerf Running and Gunning?

100 Thieves player nitr0 talked about how the only thing he wishes for right now is Riot nerfing running accuracy in Valorant. Co-Lead Game Designer Max Grossman revealed that “In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll let you know, we are working on it. Unfortunately, it won’t be the next patch, but it’s top of mind for the design team. Hoping to get y’all some changes in the new year.”

It is not just running and gunning that needs adjustments. NRG coach Chet revealed that the Classic pistol could accurately shoot while jumping, and players can accurately land their shots, which should not be possible. TenZ has been one of the most vocal personalities in the Valorant community to talk about these issues, and it is yet to be seen how Riot plans on addressing the issues and when we receive fixes to the gameplay.

The next major update will not include the changes, but we have been promised changes to running accuracy in a future update. The next patch will bring Episode 2, a brand-new agent, and the Valorant Champions Tour is also set to begin next month with players all around the world competing in the global tournament. 

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