A Valorant Story Mode is a Possibility in The Future

Abhimannu Das
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  • Riot Games may work on a story mode for Valorant if they feel it is something players really want.
  • Currently there are no plans to work on a story mode outside of voiceovers, lore entries and other snippets.
  • The team is currently focused on dealing with AFKers, smurfs and other disruptive issues.

Valorant is undoubtedly a popular esports title, but Riot Games wants to continue to let players discover more about agents and their backstories. The only way to know more about the agents in-game is to piece together snippets of lore present throughout the game and associated media. 

When Can Valorant Players Expect a Story Mode? 

According to the Valorant team, they want the players to discover more about the game’s stories through player cards, voice lines, and in-game snippets, but a traditional story mode is not in the works. But the team added, “Never say never. Our goal is always to listen to players, and so we will continue to adapt and create experiences based on what you are telling us you want.” 

Riot Games’ iconic title League of Legends has multiple story trailers, in-depth lore, cinematics, and the team behind the game is also working on an upcoming RPG “Ruined King: A League of Legends Story,” which is set to release in early 2021. The League universe has also branched out to two separate games in Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics. If Valorant sees similar in-depth lore added to the game, we can expect similar treatment by Riot for its agents’ backstories. 

Other Takeaways From the ‘Ask Valorant’ Blog

In addition to talking about the story mode, Producer Sara Dadafshar talked about a second surrender attempt in case of a disconnect after an initial vote. The team does not see it as an issue that needs to be addressed right now as the players get a “sort of buffer between votes rather than just the one-and-done, we're going to be frank and say this is not at the top of our to-do list for now (AFK, Smurf, etc. are hoarding that spot). We'll review and see if this makes sense, but no promises just yet.”

Producer Matt Le said the team might consider hiding player crosshairs in spectator mode. In its current state, spectators can view custom crosshairs instead of their own which has led to fans asking for tweaks. Le said that it is a great idea and he does not want players being harassed over their crosshair of choice. If they implement such a change, they will keep us posted in one of their future blogs. This was all the team had to say in the last blog of the 2020 Ask Valorant series that keeps players updated on important changes and updates headed to the game. 

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