Valorant to Show Rank Progression in The Future


Valorant to Show Rank Progression in The Future

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant is set to receive a major update next month which will also include QOL changes to its ranked MMR UI.
  • The new system will show exactly how much MMR you gain or lose after your ranked games.
  • In its current state, the system shows only a visual meter instead of your actual MMR which can be confusing for players.

One of the most frustrating things about Valorant is not being able to see how close you are to a promotion or a demotion in ranked mode. Currently, there is no real way to make out whether you are close to changing ranks unless you make an educated guess. A quality-of-life change would definitely help alleviate this issue, and it seems like Riot Games is set to add a way to see your rank progress.

Is Valorant Getting Its Rank Progression UI? 

Valorant to Show Rank Progression in The Future
The current end of match results page does not show your exact Valorant MMR. Image by SteelSeries

According to some datamined information, there is a rank progression system in the works that looks similar to Riot’s League of Legends, where you can see your exact MMR and how much ELO you need to head to the next tier. Valorant does not have a detailed rank progress screen in its current state, and it isn't easy to assume exactly how much you gain or lose after each match. There are minor tweaks to how much MMR is rewarded or removed after a game, as it can vary depending on your rank, in-game performance, and other factors. Like other popular MMR-based games, you get variable amounts of MMR per win, and it can be difficult to make out how much you need to climb up before you are promoted. 

The datamined information suggests that we will be able to see our exact MMR once the update goes live. The code found in the game reads: 

  • TierProgressAfterUpdate: 42
  • TierProgressBeforeUpdate: 64
  • RankedRatingEarned: 0
  • Competitive Movement: Decrease

In this case, the player lost a match and went down by 22 MMR. This system is currently not in place and was posted by Valorant Leaks, who found it in its existing code. It is unknown when we will receive the QOL update, but many predict that it might be part of the next big content update patch. 

While a change to the UI will not help you improve or affect your gameplay, it will offer you insights on how many matches you need to win to climb to the next rank instead of being forced to assume numbers. There is a new Episode and Act coming out next month, and a major content drop is expected on January 14th. We can expect the quality-of-life change to the ranked progress bar to drop along with a new map, agent, and other features to improve the gameplay experience for Valorant players. 

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