Riot Games Announces Valorant Esports Team Support Program for Korea

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  • Riot Games has announced a new esports program for the South Korea region to assist esports teams.
  • Teams will be paid $45,000 up to three times a year in 2021 if they are shortlisted by Riot.
  • Registrations are open till January 4, 2021 for all teams competing in Korea.

Riot Games Korea announced a new support program for Valorant esports teams. The new program will offer financial and infrastructural support to teams in the South Korea region. Under the new program, eight teams will be funded by Riot Games Korea after the company shortlists the teams via a screening process to find eligible teams. Teams can receive up to $45,000 USD up to three times during the 2021 season. 

How Does the Valorant Esports Support Program Work?

Riot Games Announces Valorant Esports Team Support Program for Korea
Teams that are participating in the Champions Tour from Korea can sign up for the program.
Image by Riot Games

In addition to the standard requirement of being a registered organization, here are the requirements that organizations need to meet to be eligible for the Valorant esports support program.

  1. Teams need to advance to the Challengers Finals at least once every stage. 
  2. Have a base of operation like a camp environment with full accommodation for players, including meals and lodging facilities. The camp should also have all the necessary equipment required by players to practice or compete in Valorant tournaments. The camp should also meet all maintenance standards expected by Riot Games. 
  3. There needs to be a formal legal contract signed between at least five players and the organization. All contracts must comply with requirements set by Riot Games Korea. The organization must also have a proper coaching staff. 
  4. All players must be paid at least $450 per game as compensation. All coaching staff must also be paid the same amount who compete in each stage. Online qualifiers do not count towards the compensation. At least 50% of the prize money must be paid to the players and coaching staff who participate in each stage.  
  5. The teams need to have proper channels on Twitch and YouTube, and one social networking service must be separately operated. 
  6. In addition to the players and coaching staff, the organizations need to have a secretariat representative, excluding submitted athletes and coaching staff. Players, coaching staff, and office staff, must be aware of all service terms and operating policies set by the Valorant esports program and comply with them. Even if a team is shortlisted, they can be disqualified at a later date if they do not keep up with the maintenance requirements set by Riot Games Korea, which includes player salaries, legal compliance, and upkeep of the player boot camp.

How to Apply

Teams need to apply at with also required documents. All documents need to be sent by January 4, 2021. You can check out the link below for complete legal information:

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