Valorant Skins 101: All You Need to Know


Valorant Skins 101: All You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant's cosmetic system can be very confusing and we want to help simplify it for players.
  • The most expensive bundles can set you back by roughly $100 for Ultra Edition skins.
  • Using the Night Market is recommended if you want discounted skins or you can opt for the season pass for fixed cosmetics.

Valorant is one of the most successful esports titles we have had in recent years, and Riot Games has been able to keep the game free-to-play because of its cosmetic monetization. While skins do not offer any gameplay advantages, they can definitely make your weapons stand out from the crowd. Here is a rundown of every type of weapon or melee skin you can grab, how they are monetized, and how you should build your collection. 

Valorant Skin Tiers 

There are multiple tiers for skins, and their rarity or tier depends on the effects, upgradability, and exclusiveness. You can purchase skins using Valorant Points (VP), and the skins can vary in prices. Here is a rundown of all the tiers: 

  • Select Edition – 875 VP per skin / 3500 VP per bundle 
  • Deluxe Edition – 1275 VP per skin / 5100 VP per bundle 
  • Premium Edition – 1775 VP per skin / 7100 VP per bundle 
  • Ultra Edition – 2475 VP per skin / 9900 VP per bundle 
  • Exclusive Edition – Variable prices

The cheapest bundles go for approximately $32, while the most expensive ones can set you back by $100. 

Evolving Skins 

Some of the skins can also “evolve” and get cool new effects. These skins are restricted to specific collections and require you to use radianite (a premium currency) to unlock all the tiers. There may be up to 4 tiers available with 3 tiers of upgrades. 

How to Unlock Skins

Contract Skins: Contract skins can be earned if you complete the “contract” of its respective Valorant agent. All you need to do is earn XP by doing what the game asks you to do with the specific agent, and you will get the corresponding skin that will be stylized similar to your game. These skins are completely free and are earned through gameplay.

Battle Pass Skins: These are limited-time skins that you can get by purchasing the battle pass and doing the required quests. You cannot get battle pass skins for money, and they are obtainable through gameplay once you purchase the appropriate battle pass. You get a limited amount of time to complete your quests, earn XP, and unlock these skins. Once a battle pass is gone, the skins are gone for good as well. 

Events: There are limited-time events that allow you to earn cosmetics. The most recent Christmas event, for example, offered a gun buddy for simply completing a match in the snowball fight game mode. 

How to Use The Night Market 

If you want to get skins for cheap, the best option is to use the Night Market. It is similar to League of Legends’ skin system where you get 6 random skins for purchase at a discount. The skins are available for several weeks at discounted rates, and the selection varies from player to player. You cannot roll the choices at the moment, but Riot has promised a better Night Market system in the future. You can wait for the skins you want to come on sale in your Night Market and snag them at heavy discounts if you want. 

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