Valorant's Agent 14 Will Have Exploding Decoy Clones

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant's Agent 14 is set to have a clone and flashbangs according to the latest leaks.
  • The agent's voicelines and interactions were found within the game's files and Riot's social media accounts.
  • The upcoming character is likely to release on January 14th and an in-depth preview is expected at wwFest.

Valorant’s Agent 14 is being hyped for release next month through teasers, events, and in-game ARG elements. Still, data miners have been able to uncover some details on the upcoming agent's abilities. We have plenty to share from a hidden image from Riot’s Instagram account and data mined images. 

What Abilities with Valorant’s Agent 14 Have?

According to some leaked files, Valorant’s next agent might be named shatter. The abilities are in line with what has been teased to us so far by Riot Games. The agent is expected to release in January, and everyone started digging for information since Riot’s upload of the agent’s silhouette on their website. Players also found sound effects and a shadow in-game in one of the defender spawns on Icebox. 

Character product lead John Goscicki revealed: 

“Every time an agent is introduced to the game, it should feel fresh. Agents with similar skills and abilities take away from the agents' uniqueness, and the devs are willing to “take risks and push more boundaries” with future agents. Riot wants to “evolve what is possible in an ability-based tac shooter. For now, we are keeping these boundary-pushing ideas a secret."

The most recent discoveries about Shatter’s abilities were found during the open beta earlier this year. A cloning ability was found in the game’s files and other voice files that confirmed the agent’s interaction with abilities, flashbangs, and other gameplay elements. It is currently unknown if players will be able to control their clones when playing Shatter or if AI will control it. It is also likely that the clones will not enjoy the same movement abilities as the actual Valorant agent. 

In addition to the original leaks found during the open beta, data miners have also discovered information about the new agent from Valorant Brazil’s social media accounts. The agent's image was found, which coincides with other pictures found on Riot’s social media videos discovered by miners. Riot has already confirmed that the upcoming agent will be sneaky, and it will force players to check their corners at all times. 

We can expect the new agent to drop either on January 14th, when the big update is set to drop. We may also get a better insight into the character’s backstory at wwFest, an event that will feature artists from all over the world on Amazon’s Crown Channel in partnership with Riot Games. 

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