xQc and Dr Disrespect Take Shots at Each Other


xQc and Dr Disrespect Take Shots at Each Other

Abhimannu Das
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  • xQc and Dr Direspect are back at it again with another round of roasting each other.
  • Doc made fun of xQc for playing a tower defense game in front of 60,000+ people online.
  • xQc responded saying Doc needs to reconsider his form of entertainment and called him a boomer.

xQc and Dr Disrespect are among the biggest streamers on Twitch and YouTube, respectively, and neither shies away from taking digs at other content creators. We have seen xQc get into heated exchanges with Ninja and other streamers in the past, and now both streamers are trolling each other on social media. 

What Happened Between xQc and Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespected tweeted out a video that showed xQc playing Bloons, a popular 3D tower defense game. The video shows Doc turn to the camera and say, “xQc, you got 60,000 people watching you play Bloons Tenacious Destruction 6. Whatever the f**k it’s called. Are you f***ing kidding me?”

The tweet gained a lot of traction, and Doc even shared it with xQc. When the Twitch streamer opened the tweet on his stream, he was amused initially, but he hit back at Doc. He said, “Guys, this boomer dude needs to reconsider the entertainment mother f***er! He needs to reconsider entertainment.” 

It led to a bit of drama between the two, and xQc proceeded to mimic Doc’s dance moves and said that the veteran streamer’s entertainment standards are “old.” This is not the first time that the duo has sparked controversy. Last year Dr Disrespect made fun of xQc streaming Pokemon to over 30,000 viewers on Twitch and received a similar response. Felix responded with an “ok boomer” that got him over 27,000 likes but is yet to receive a response from the Doc. 

The recent Twitch clip has over 140K views on Twitch and counting. Doc is yet to respond to xQc’s response, and it will be interesting to see if it builds up into some collaboration between the two. Many in the Twitch community believe that these interactions are meant to hype upcoming collaborations between streamers, but Twitch is highly restrictive of showcasing banned creators. 

Dr Disrespect was banned earlier this year, which led to a lot of controversy and speculation. It is still unknown why Doc was removed from the platform, and neither Twitch nor the streamer has talked about the fallout since the ban. He currently streams on Youtube and is one of the biggest names in YouTube Gaming. xQc, on the other hand, earned his fame through Overwatch and became one of the biggest variety streamers on Twitch in the past two years. 

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