Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur Announce Official Twitch Channels

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  • FC Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur are now partnered with Twitch to air live content.
  • Spurs will stick to football content only as well as behind the scenes shows for entertainment.
  • FC Barcelona will stream both football and gaming content and support their esports teams on the platform.

FC Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur are making their way to the world of streaming with new official Twitch channels to bring entertainment outside their football stadiums. Barcelona’s channel launched on 16th December along with Spurs. Barcelona seeks to bring football content to Twitch and promote its esports teams who compete in PES, Hearthstone, and Rocket League. 

Why the Shift to Streaming Platforms Like Twitch?

FC Barcelona and Spurs will be working with content creators and social media influencers to adapt football content for the masses with their digital strategy. Barcelona has a massive social media following with over 370 million followers across all of their social media accounts. With over 25 million Twitch viewers tuning in every day, the football teams will be looking to tap into the online streaming community. 

Barcelona revealed that their goal is to create content that will resonate with different platforms. Fans can expect to watch live matches, post-match analysis, and more. One of the biggest problems in the football community is piracy. By offering online streams on Twitch, football teams can monetize their content via ads while offering them a legitimate and free way to access football content online.  

Twitch’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Farhan Ahmed talked about how over 2 million people tune in to Twitch at any given time. By offering fans entertainment on the digital platform, football fans can use the streaming platform to bond over their shared passions. While the platform was originally meant for just gamers, it expanded into other categories, and we have sections like Creative and Just Chatting. Sports teams coming in to stream their content with hundreds of millions of followers globally partnering with Twitch will greatly boost the platform’s audience.  

Tottenham Hotspur To Offer “Watch Along” Content on Twitch

Spurs will offer a way to help fans watch content together by streaming all of their domestic home and away matches. Fans will be able to recreate the atmosphere of being in a stadium in a digital format. This has been tried before by Amazon Prime by offering all Prime Video subscribers the ability to watch movies and other content together with their favourite streamers in “watch parties.” 

According to Tottenham Hotspur, Head of Business Development, Aidan Mullally, "We have been looking forward to working with Twitch and exploring creative and innovative ways to engage with our global fanbase. We recognise the potential that exists with this platform, particularly amongst a younger audience. We believe it also presents us with a great opportunity to reach out and help grow the club even further."

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