SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 4: SMG, Nongwaen Start Strong

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  • SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 4 has come to a close with SMG and NongWaen securing 3 points each.
  • Team nxl did not compete in yesterday's matches and will be knocked out if they do not participate today.
  • The second set of matches will be hosted today with NW going up against SMG and Meloner facing NXL.

After X10 and Bren Esports made it through to the quarterfinals, it was group B’s turn to compete for a spot in the knockout stage of the Valorant SEA Fire Championship 2020. Team SMG faced off against Meloner and beat them 2-0 to secure a spot at the top of the leaderboard. Team nxl forfeited the match against NongWaen due to internal issues. 

SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 4 Results 

Team SMG vs Meloner (2-0)

Team SMG managed to secure a +22 advantage against Meloner by winning 26 out of the 30 rounds they played. On Haven, SMG dropped just one round and broke through Meloner’s defences. The story did not change in Ascent with Meloner failing to stop SMG’s relentless attack, causing them to lose 13-3. GMCC’s former roster of ZesBeeW, falfalfal, Kama, LEXY, Divine and Aeozora joined SMG in July and quickly earned the reputation of being one of the best teams in Malaysia. Meloner is currently at the bottom of the leaderboard, and they will have to a secure a win against nxl tonight if they do not want to be knocked out. 

Team NongWaen vs Team nxl (1-0 FF) 

Team NongWaen received a free win due to a forfeit by Team nxl. It is unknown if Team nxl will compete against Meloner tonight, failing which they will be knocked out of the tournament. 

The upper bracket quarterfinals will begin on January 7th. Group A’s matches have concluded with Bren Esports and X10 securing spots in the next round. Group B’s matches will conclude tomorrow with Meloner, NongWaen, Team nxl and Team SMG competing against each other in a best-of-three format. Teams that secure first place in the group stages will be heading to the upper bracket quarterfinals while second-place teams will head to the lower bracket quarterfinals. 

SEA Fire Championship 2020 Overview

SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 4: SMG, Nongwaen Start Strong
SEA Fire Championship 2020 schedule. Image by efire League

The SEA Fire Championship 2020 is a Valorant tournament hosted by eFire League in partnership with Zack Solutions as the main sponsor. The Group Stage is ongoing and will last until December 28th, after which we will see two teams from each group of four qualify. All matches in the group stage are BO3, and the qualifying teams will head to the playoffs which take place between January 7th and 14th next year. The SEA Fire Championship 2020 Grand Finals will be a BO5 match with a one-map advantage being given to the upper bracket team.

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