What Do We Know About Valorant Agent 14


What Do We Know About Valorant Agent 14

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant Agent 14 could release as early as January 12 according to data miners.
  • The new agent will be a duelist and will have stealth abilities as confirmed by a Riot dev.
  • We will get a better preview on the character's backstory on January 14th at wwFest.

Riot Games is set to release its 14th agent into Valorant, and there are plenty of teasers in the game and media that we are being teased with. We have an idea of what Valorant Agent 14’s skills will be like and when we can expect a release. 

Valorant Agent 14 Release Date

Episode 2 Act 1 of Valorant should release on January 12th. A major content update is set to drop next month and players are expecting the new Agent to release with it. Another report suggests that the upcoming wwFest might be when the new agent is revealed. wwFest is scheduled on January 14th as a partnership between Riot Games and Amazon’s Crown Channel.  The live event will feature artists from all over the world with Valorant themed animations and backgrounds. 

Valorant Agent 14 Class and Abilities

The upcoming agent will be a duelist as confirmed by the devs. Valorant Agent 14 will be joining the ranks of Jett, Reyna, Phoenix and Raze as the game’s fifth duelist. For those who are new to the game, Valorant has multiple classes, and the Duelist class is the flashiest of them all. They are capable of initiating fights and getting kills on their own. All four duelists we have right now have skills that allow them to engage and disengage in fights quickly and secure kills for the team. 

In terms of abilities, it is expected that Valorant Agent 14 will have stealth abilities of some kind or distraction tools. Data miners have uncovered the codeword “stealth” linked to his files and Character product lead John Goscicki revealed that the new character would keep players on their toes and make everyone check their corners. 

He also gave us a preview of what the character will be like. He said “every time an agent is introduced to the game, it should feel fresh. Agents with similar skills and abilities take away from the agents' uniqueness, and the devs are willing to “take risks and push more boundaries” with future agents. Riot wants to “evolve what is possible in an ability-based tac shooter. For now, we are keeping these boundary-pushing ideas a secret." 

We also have some in-game teasers that showed up on Icebox when patch 1.13 dropped. Players reported that they were seeing shadows move in one of the spawns and there were sounds indicating footsteps. There is no image of the agent just yet but we have been teased with an outline multiple times.  

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