Grab Free Radianite Points in Valorant With Prime Gaming

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Grab Free Radianite Points in Valorant With Prime Gaming


  • Riot Games has partnered with Prime Gaming to offer 10 free Radianite points to Valorant players.
  • To get the Radianite points you need to have a Prime Gaming membership.
  • Riot is also giving away a free gun buddy for the Christmas season via its limited time event.

Riot Games has partnered with Amazon’s Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime) to offer players free cosmetic rewards. We have had a ton of free loot over the months, including gun buddies, skins, and more. Riot Games have now confirmed the December drop for Valorant, and you can get your hands on 10 Free Radianite Points. 

You can use the points to upgrade your weapon skins. A re-roll feature might also be added to the recently launched Night.Market. If you are looking to re-roll the drops you received in Night.Market, you may be able to use the points to change them in a future update. 

How to Claim Free Radianite Points in Valorant

To get free Radianite points, you need to have an Amazon Prime membership, which comes with Prime Gaming. If you are not an Amazon subscriber, you can sign up for a free trial account which lasts 30 days. Head to 

To get your free Valorant Radianite you will need to have a verifiable payment method like an intentional debit card or credit card. If you run into an error showing that your country is not eligible for the Prime Gaming loot, you can use a VPN on your browser to access Amazon US for signing up. Once your account is ready, add a payment method and sign up for the free trial. $1 will be deducted temporarily to verify the payment method, and it will be refunded within 24 hours. 

Once your account is ready, head to, and you will be able to claim your Valorant Radianite points. You also get access to other goodies from other games if you want to check them out. The awards refresh every month, so make sure you grab the Radianite before the end of December. Next month, Riot may or may not introduce new rewards as part of Prime Gaming’s monthly drops. 

If you want to cancel your Amazon Prime Gaming subscription after claiming your Valorant loot, you should head to your Amazon account and remove your payment information. If you do not remove your payment method, Prime Gaming will be auto-renewed next month. 

In addition to the free Radianite, you can also grab a free gun buddy as part of the holiday event. If you log in by December 29th and play the new Snowball Fight mode, your account will be rewarded a Snowbro gun buddy within 48 hours. 

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