Valorant’s Agent 14 Will Be A Duelist Confirms Riot


Valorant’s Agent 14 Will Be A Duelist Confirms Riot

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant confirmed that the upcoming agent is a duelist and will have stealth abilities.
  • Devs confirmed the rumours in a recent blog post but they did not reveal the abilities and ultimate just yet.
  • Agent 14 is expected to be previewed at wwFest this month before an official release in January.

Valorant players are hunting for clues about the game’s next agent, with Riot Games dropping one teaser after another everywhere. We finally have some news on what the next Agent could be like from a recent blog post on the official Valorant website. Character product lead John Goscicki revealed in his State of The Agents writeup that some of the community's suspicions are accurate.

Valorant’s Agent 14 Mystery Uncovered  

Valorant developers do not want to reveal too much about the upcoming agent, but they did confirm that the new mysterious agent will be from the duelist class. The gameplay is suited “for all you lurkers out there," said Gosciki. He also revealed that the new Valorant agent would keep players on their toes and constantly check their corners. This confirms speculations that the upcoming agent will either have invisibility-related abilities or other traits that confuse enemies.

Data miners have also discovered a codename “Stealth” doing the rounds in the game’s files. In one of the recent updates, players started noticing a shadow make its way through the Icebox map, and others have reported strange sounds. The developers did not offer a release date for the upcoming duelist agent, but most people speculate that we will receive details during the wwFest. Riot Games revealed that we would be experiencing the upcoming event from the perspective of six agents, but they've only revealed the names of five of them. Many are speculating that the wwFest is a reveal party for the new agent.

Gosciki said that every time an agent is introduced to the game, it should feel fresh. Agents with similar skills and abilities take away from the agents' uniqueness, and the devs are willing to “take risks and push more boundaries” with future agents. There is an update scheduled for mid-January, which is rumoured to bring in the new agent to the game and introduce Valorant’s latest map. The team also wants to “evolve what is possible in an ability-based tac shooter. For now, we are keeping these boundary-pushing ideas a secret." 

A new agent was supposed to drop with Episode 2, but we did not receive the content drop yet. Riot Games introduced Skye instead, who is not the lore-intended agent for Episode 2. We should get Agent 14 in-game on January 14 when the next major update drops; other confirmed gameplay changes are also coming, including a ranked leaderboard, competitive changes, and more.

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