SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 2: Bren Esports Wins Big

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SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 2: Bren Esports Wins Big


  • The SEA Fire Championship 2020 day two results are here for Group A.
  • Global Esports suffered a 0-2 loss against Bren Esports, the First Strike PH champions.
  • DivisionX was beaten by X10 Esports in two closely fought matches.

The SEA Fire Championship 2020 is underway, and Group A just had their second day of matches. The group stage matches for Group A will continue on December 17th to decide who qualifies for the playoffs phase. As it stands, X10 Esports should qualify for the next stage with every other team trailing behind them. Bren Esports and Global Esports are tied and are still in contention. DivisionX's chances are all but over with 0 points secured in the group stages.

The SEA Fire Championship 2020 Day 2 Recap

Global Esports vs. Bren Esports

The first match on Day 2 of SEA Fire Championship 2020 saw Bren Esports from the Philippines go up against the Indian team Global Esports. Bren’s BORKUM, Ching, Dispenser, DubsteP, and JessieVash took on HellrangeR, KappA, Lightningfast, SkRossi on SkillZ from Global Esports. The matches turned out to be lopsided in Bren Esports’ favor with the First Strike PH champions winning 13-2 on Haven and 13-3 on Icebox. Bren Esports has a massive score advantage and even if both teams win their matches today, Global Esports will have to fight an uphill battle and secure dominant wins to have a chance at qualifying. GE is currently sitting at -11 compared to Bren’s +22 and X10’s +3. 

DivisionX Gaming vs. X10 Esports

DXG and X10’s matches were closely fought and X10 made it out with a nail-biting 16-14 win at Split and a 14-12 win at Haven. Huyz, Differ3nt, YESicaN, FOG, and Rambutan from DivisionX will have to hope for a miracle to qualify. They not only have to beat Bren Esports with a huge margin to make up for their points deficit. They also need Global Esports to not win today. X10 on the other hand, have almost qualified for the next stage of the SEA Fire Championship 2020  and will be looking to secure a win to make it through to the next stage.

SEA Fire Championship 2020 Overview

The SEA Fire Championship 2020 is a tournament hosted by eFire League in partnership with Zack Solutions as the main sponsor. The Group Stage is ongoing and will last until December 28th, after which we will see two teams from each group of four qualify. All matches in the group stage are BO3 and the qualifying teams will head to the playoffs which take place between January 7th and 14th next year. The SEA Fire Championship 2020 Grand Finals will be a BO5 match with a one-map advantage being given to the upper bracket team. 

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