How to Get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant

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  • Valorant's Snowball Fight Mode awards the new Snowbro gun buddy that you can unlock for free.
  • You need to play a match of the new game mode to unlock the cosmetic reward and it is available till 29.12.2020.
  • If you do not see the item right away, wait a day or two for it to be added to your account.

Valorant’s first-ever holiday event is now live with unlockable cosmetics in the new Snowball Fight mode. You can pelt your enemies with snowballs to assert dominance in the event. But many players have not figured out how to unlock the new Snowbro Gun Buddy from the event. If you have not tried out the mode yet, you should head in-game right away as you have only until December 2019 to unlock the limited-time item.

How Does the Valorant Snowball Fight Mode Work?

How to Get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant
Valorant's new game mode has four unique power-ups.
Image by Riot Games

The new Snowball Fight Mode is essentially a team deathmatch mode that lets you play 5v5, but whichever team gets the most kills with snowballs wins the game. Players will be able to grab power-ups wrapped in Christmas gift packaging to unlock some serious firepower. The snowball gun you start with has infinite charges, and your team’s goal is to score 50 points. If you are not sure of what the power-ups in the new game mode do, here is a quick rundown:

  • Rapid Fire: Increases fire rate of your snowball gun
  • Ricochet: Lets you bounce snowballs off the surfaces of walls and floors
  • Growball: Snowballs gradually increase in size once fired
  • Skate: Get access to skates to move faster

How to Unlock The Snowbro Gun Buddy

All you need to do is play a match of Snowball Fight get access to the gun, buddy. But there is a catch that we did not know about. The item is currently not available in-game, and Riot Games has confirmed that it will be available in your account within a day or two from unlocking if you do not immediately see it. If you do not receive the gun buddy even after waiting it out for two days, drop a support ticket at with your account details.

The new Snowball Game was added today, and it is very different from the competitive playlist, which can be quite intensive. This is the first time we experience a winter update with a casual game mode and cosmetic rewards. Players are quite happy with the update, but there are concerns over the recently released Night.Market which came with the most recent content drop. Players get access to six random skins that are heavily discounted, but there is no way to re-roll the skins that the game offers you currently. If you want to unlock the Snowbro Gun Buddy, you need to play a game by December 29 to unlock your Valorant account's free item.

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