Parents Fake Six-Year Old’s Warzone Ban for Entry into FaZe Clan

Abhimannu Das
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  • RowdyRogan's viral video showing the 6-year-old content creator being banned from Warzone is fake.
  • The video was part of FaZe Clan's FaZe5 competition that required participants to create a viral video.
  • The content creator has apologized for the video towards Activision and is awaiting the results of the competition.

A viral video was doing the rounds recently that claimed 6-year-old content creator RowdyRogan was banned from Call of Duty: Warzone. It turns out that the video was staged by RowdyRogan’s parents to help him get into FaZe Clan. The video was used for FaZe Clan’s Faze5 challenge, where content creators from all over the world would compete for a spot at the organization.

How Did RowdyRogan Fake the Video for FaZe Clan’s Competition? 

The Faze Clan Faze5 challenge requires the top 20 contestants to create a viral video. RowdyRogan’s mother explained how viral videos work and Rogan came up with the ban idea as a means of getting attention. In the video that was posted online showing the content creator getting banned, edits were made to make it look like it was an official ban message. The six-year-old content creator pretended to cry in his father’s arms and the video blew up online. Rowdy and his family did not reveal anything until recently after the round was complete.

A lot of people went on blame Activision for the ban without knowing the story and made the #FreeRogan hashtag trend globally. RowdyRogan’s parents clarified that it was their child’s dream to join FaZe Clan, and they thought that the video was a very fun idea.

Lee Trink of FaZe Clan told PC Gamer that the objective of the contestants was to create viral videos. He added, “What finalists choose to do with these tasks and how they approach each challenge is also being assessed, not just the quantitative results. A broad challenge is more emblematic of what their experience will be like in FaZe since a key goal of ours is to support our talent’s vision of their individual career. The judging process is not mathematical. It’s far more qualitative than quantitative. Our methodology and process is proprietary and not something we share.”

RowdyRogan also put up an apology video towards Activision, but the game publisher had no clue what was going on. The content creator managed to pull off the task assigned by FaZe Clan and had the whole world fooled. It is unknown if the content creator will get an entry into FaZe as the final five candidates have not been announced just yet. But the stunt pulled off by the content creator fooled everyone and gained him recognition on the internet.

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