When Will Valorant’s 14th Agent Debut?


When Will Valorant’s 14th Agent Debut?

Abhimannu Das
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  • Riot Games recent posts indicate that Valorant's Agent 14 might debut at wwFest.
  • A major patch is expected on January 14th, which is when the new agent and a map might be available.
  • Valorant has yet to reveal details on the next agent but there are a few teasers doing the rounds.

With Valorant’s Episode 1 Act 3 coming to an end, we are set to receive a brand-new map and agent soon, and players are already trying to look for clues. Riot has teased us multiple times over the past weeks with hints in events as well as some in-game clues that suggest what players should be expecting in the next Episode 2 update. 

Agent 14 Teaser At wwFest 

One of the first teasers we received was at wwFest. If you take a closer look at the trailer, Riot confirms that we will be able to see the event from the perspective of six agents. But they announced only five agents so far - Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, Killjoy, and Jett. Players are speculating that the event might be a setup for Agent 14's release. The event is scheduled to take place on January 15th and we may finally get the full release info or yet another teaser. 

Valorant Agent 14 Release Date

There is very little that anyone can confirm about Agent 14. All we know is that he is codenamed stealth in some game files, and some data miners have discovered the name Jlatte. It is unknown if both names are tied to the same character or if they are two separate characters headed to Valorant meant for separate updates. One of the teasers that you can check out is in Icebox currently. Players can hear footsteps close to the defender spawn near Site B. You need to be quick as the sound is audible only at the start of rounds. You will also notice some moving ink patterns that disappear in a few seconds. 

The name of the agent and teaser line up, suggesting that there will be a stealth-based character with some kind of invisibility mechanic. Others have also suggested that it might be an agent designed to distract enemies with fake footsteps. We can expect more details on the character to show up in the coming weeks, and the update should drop in the second week of January. 

There is a specific pattern of Valorant’s agent releases, and we can figure out what to expect soon. Whenever a new episode is released, there is a huge content drop with a ton of changes, but an episode lasts six months and it is divided into three acts. We are supposed to receive a new agent every two months, which aligns with the three acts per episode. What’s different about Episode 2 is that we did not have the first agent drop just yet. In fact, Icebox was pushed out earlier to compensate for the delayed content drop. The update will most likely pop up on January 12, 2021 along with a new map.

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