xQc Calls Out Twitch Users Who Justify Casual “Edgy” Racism


xQc Calls Out Twitch Users Who Justify Casual “Edgy” Racism

Abhimannu Das
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  • xQc called out Twitch users who indulge in casual racism under the guise of humour.
  • He said anyone who repeatedly spams emotes is knowingly enabling racism and hiding it behind humour.
  • The streamer was banned for using the same emote a couple years ago by the Overwatch League.

Twitch is one of the best platforms for gamers to hang out and interact with the gaming community. But it is also home to a lot of toxicity and racism. It is mostly up to streamers to control the kind of conversations that go on in Twitch chat and have moderators keep things clean, but it doesn’t stop the problem of racism at its core. xQc talked about “edgy” racism in a recent stream and revealed how anyone who justifies casual racism is merely supporting it. 

xQc’s Take on Casual Racism

In one of his most recent streams, xQc said, "If you are always trying to be racist or edgy and whenever you are contested in those areas, and you say ‘oh my god, it’s just humor' or 'freedom of speech' or this and that, you are literally just racist."  He believes that anyone who behaves that way is simply trying to hide the fact that they are racist. 

One of the most common ways that casual racism is brought up in Twitch chat is through Trihard7, a controversial emote. When xQc was playing in the Overwatch League, he was banned for using the emote because Blizzard found it offensive. Blizzard did not want to be associated with that emote. While many people on the internet found it to be ridiculous, the company stood behind its decision to maintain professional integrity. 

The emote's original goal was to react to someone who is “tryharding” in a game. But the meaning of the emote has been completely lost at this point, and Twitch users barely ever use it the way it was meant to be. The emote was originally a joke, but nowadays, people spam it whenever a black person shows up on stream or a black video game character is shown. 

While the emote itself is not racist, when people actively spam the emote whenever a black person or character is on stream does come off as offensive. It is impossible to keep Twitch chat users from misusing emotes for unintended purposes, but normalizing such behavior and disguising it under “humor” is uncalled for. xQc’s take was genuine, and people who indulge in casual racism need to be called out to keep the gaming community free from such behavior. 

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