Velocity Gaming Finish Third at PVP Esports Valorant Open


Velocity Gaming Finish Third at PVP Esports Valorant Open

Abhimannu Das
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  • Velocity Gaming knocked out by XCN at the PVP Esports Valorant Open Championships.
  • The team managed to win 3 matches in the round robin stage before being eliminated by XCN.
  • VLT will be taking home 1200 SGD in prize money for finishing third.

Velocity Gaming finished the PVP Esports Valorant Open Championship Regional Finals and have secured third place. This is the first time an Indian team has gone up against international opponents in an official tournament. Velocity failed to make it to the grand finals after losing at the Round Robin stage with two losses and three wins. 

Velocity Gaming’s Run At The PVP Esports Valorant Tournament

VLT Gaming has a promising start with a dominant 13-2 win against B-beasts from Myanmar. They also managed to beat Attack All Around from Thailand, a team that has participated in Valorant First Strike. Bren Esports, the winners of Mineski VxV/First Strike Philippines, took the win against Velocity and brought their run to an end. 

When Bren Esports went up against Velocity Gaming, the Indian organization fell behind to a 10-2 lead. VLT tried to pull off a comeback but eventually succumbed to a 13-7 scoreline. They had to win their match against XCN from Indonesia, but things were looking slim. XCN had managed to stay unbeaten in the Round Robin stage and were only the second team to achieve that feat. 

Velocity Gaming will be taking home 1200 SGD for their performance. Image by VLT

Velocity Gaming put up a good fight with aggressive plays against XCN, but they could not prevent the Indonesian team from pulling off a comeback, causing VLT to lose 13-11 on Haven. The team failed to secure over time because of a clutch play by Flycnh, who managed to shoot down three Velocity members with Hunter’s Fury. 

In their Third-Place match, Velocity Gaming took on Inner Voice from Singapore and beat them with an emphatic 13-5 score on Split. While the team did not reach the grand finals, they put up a solid fight against some of the best South East Asia teams like Bren Esports and Attack All Around. This is the first time an Indian team went head-to-head against international teams in an official Valorant Tournament. 

Velocity Gaming will be taking home 1200 SGD for finishing third at the event. The team continues to hold its place as the top Indian team in Valorant, and they are also among the top teams in SEA. According to ratings, they are currently #4 in all of South East Asia with Absolute JUPITER, Alter Ego, and ahq e-Sports Club taking the lead ahead of them. 

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