Valorant Fans Want A Reroll Mechanic in Night.Market


Valorant Fans Want A Reroll Mechanic in Night.Market

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant's Night.Market has left Valorant fans displeased with its cosmetic RNG drop with no option of rerolling them.

  • Fans have requested Riot Games to implement a reroll option with Radianite.

  • The system will be changed but Riot has confirmed that it will take time and will not be implemented anytime soon.

Valorant’s new Night.Market feature has been long requested, but fans are not happy with how it has been implemented. Several complainants are requesting Riot to add a re-roll mechanic that will allow players to change the skins they get. Riot Games has responded to fans, but they have warned players that such a solution will take time to build and implement.

What is Wrong with Valorant’s Night.Market?

Fans are requesting a skin re-roll feature using Radianite.
Image by Riot Games

 For those who have not tried out the new Valorant Night.Market yet, it is essentially a copy of League of Legends’ store where players get random skins at discounts. The downside to the new Night.Market feature in Riot’s competitive shooter is that there is no way to re-roll the skins you get. Riot does not have a solution for players at the moment, but they assured the players that they are looking into it.

The randomness in the Night.Market is a major concern for players, and despite many fans happy with the new feature, not everyone is happy. If you end up getting skins, you don’t want them in your loot pool, and you have to wait for the next reset until you are able to get other skins for cheaper. The problem is, you have to wait an entire month to get another set of items that you may or may not like. Depending on your favourite skins, you could be waiting for months to get your cosmetics for cheap.

Developer Lea ‘aeneia’ Hughes responded to fan concerns and said, “Something like that would take a good amount of time to build, and building it means that our engineers wouldn’t be working on other important things. So, if that’s something we did, it definitely wouldn’t impact the current Night.Market.” 

How Will Riot Fix the Night Market

The developer responded that Riot has a comprehensive plan to determine how successful the new Night.Market feature is within the community. They will be discussing potential improvements that can be implemented and will be listening to the community for inputs. How long the update to the new cosmetic system will take has not been revealed and it may take up to a few months for a change to roll out until the next update to Night.Market rolls out, players who have bad RNG will have to play the waiting game. While there will be smaller changes coming, players will have to wait at least three weeks for the next rotation.

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