Which Valorant Agents Should You Unlock First?


Which Valorant Agents Should You Unlock First?

Abhimannu Das
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  • Here is the best path to unlock all of Valorant's unlockable Agents for new players.
  • Players should unlock characters based on their gameplay style and an agent's teamwork viability.
  • Omen, Breach and Cypher are the three best Agents to unlock as a new player.

Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games out that and what sets it apart from most other games is the diverse cast of Agents who have their unique playstyles. Their abilities and ultimates can change the outcome of matches, and as a player, mastering an agent’s kit can help you succeed at the game. There is a small number of agents you can play with as soon as you sign into the game. But you can keep playing and unlock more characters over time.

The most important thing that should affect the order of Agent unlocks is your playstyle. Here is our take on which agents are the most useful in a team setting and why you should unlock them. We also considered their pick rates and ratings on Mobalytics. Their viability is subject to change with balance patches, but these are our rankings based on patch 1.14.

S–Tier Valorant Agents

Omen has among the highest pick rates in Valorant.
Image by Riot Games


Omen is by far the most versatile agent in Valorant, and you should consider unlocking him first. If you want to fit into any team comp, there will not be any raised eyebrows if you choose him. Paranoia is one of the most useful abilities in the game, and it lets you engage in fights with a clear advantage. The community has called for nerfs, so you might see some changes to his kit in the future. His ability to use infinite smokes can drain enemy abilities and boil things down to pure gun skill.


One of the turning points in Breach’s viability was patch 1.07. The agent received significant buffs, including an extra set of flashes as well as a buff to his flashbangs. One of the most significant issues with Breach at launch was his slow ultimate detonation. Riot sped it up, and his ultimate is more lethal than ever before. His concussion is also very useful as it prevents opponents from scoping in with their weapons, which can give you a massive boost in gunfights.


If you want to feel like a spy and gain intel on your enemies, Valorant’s trapwire specialist Cypher should be your third unlock. He can hold an entire site on his by using his gadgets, and his Spycam can offer necessary intel. The trapwires can be very useful to deal with enemy flanks, making him one of the game's best defensive and scouting agents.

A-Tier Valorant Agents

Killjoy is capable of holding entire sites on her own using her turrets.
Image by Riot Games


Killjoy’s release was met with positive responses throughout the community. She has very distinct strengths that make her feel oppressive at times, but you can also exploit her gadgets and play to your advantage. She has a high pick rate and is commonly picked by pro players in scrims.


Skye is Valorant’s newest agent, and she already sees a lot of competitive play in casual tournaments. She has a powerful kit that can help you scout for information and flash enemies. She can use regrowth to heal allies, making her a great utility agent.


If you want to be a pain to deal with, Raze is by far the best agent to pick. She can be challenging to deal with because of her explosives, and her explosives are very effective against Cypher and Sage. Her best map is Bind because of how much utility her Boombot can get. If you want an agent that can defend sites very effectively, Raze is one of Valorant’s best agents.


If you are new to the game, we recommend mastering the weapons and finding a loadout you can comfortably get kills before unlocking Reyna. It would help if you got kills to power her Q and E abilities, which can be seen as a detriment. But if you have the gun-skill needed to get kills frequently, Reyna can pull off clutch plays in very tricky situations.

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B-Tier Valorant Agents


Viper received multiple buffs since release on patch 1.02, 1.05, and 1.09. However, she still does not see much play. Her Toxic Screen can be easily dealt with and does not require much coordination from enemies to teak you down. With the ability to set up her walls in advance, Viper is in a much better spot in the current meta but still does not live up to the power level of other agents in the roster.

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