Riot Games May Have Already Teased Valorant’s Next ‘Invisible’ Agent


Riot Games May Have Already Teased Valorant’s Next ‘Invisible’ Agent

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  • Valorant is teasing its next agent with sound cues and visual changes in Icebox present in the latest patch.
  • Fans are noticing footsteps and weird ink markers move around in the map that could be hinting towards the next hero.
  • Many speculate that the next agent might have invisibility or decoy abilities.

Valorant received a major updated yesterday with a ton of improvements and its new holiday event. But amidst all the new content, it looks like Riot Games has included a teaser for the game’s next agent. The game is progressing towards Episode 2 Act 1, and we already have teasers for the next Valorant agent.

Who is Valorant’s Next Agent?

Riot Games May Have Already Teased Valorant’s Next ‘Invisible’ Agent
Fans were expecting Mori to be the next agent in Valorant.
Image by Riot Games

If you are at the Defender’s spawn on Icebox, you will notice that footsteps that come from the front of the spawn. Some new sounds and visuals indicate that there is one extra person outside of your own team. You can also look at the displays all over the map, and there is some bizarre VFX that plays from time to time on a loop.

You can head to A Screen and make your way towards B Hut, and you will notice that something is walking to the exit stage right. If you keep following the footsteps, you will notice a puddle of ink that rises from the floor. The animation is on a loop, so if you do not catch it the first time, wait, and you should be able to spot it every five seconds.

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This is not the first time that Valorant has put teasers inside the game. Earlier this week, during Valorant First Strike Korea, we saw a new medieval castle-themed map that was shown off alongside existing maps that are in the game. This has left fans confused because everyone was expecting Mori to be featured as the next Agent, but the new teasers might be linked to a completely new agent.

Popular leakers in the Valorant community think that the teaser is linked to a spectre-like character that has the ability to go invisible. Fans speculate that the new character is inspired by other characters like Spy from Team Fortress 2 and Sombra from Overwatch. But others suggest that it could have nothing to do with invisibility. Instead, the new character might be able to misdirect opponents with decoy audio queues. Episode 1 Act 3 is coming to an end sometime in January, so we will likely get a trailer of a new map and Valorant agent ahead of Episode 2 Act 1.

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