Crown Channel and Riot Games to Host a Valorant Inspired Music Festival


Crown Channel and Riot Games to Host a Valorant Inspired Music Festival

Abhimannu Das
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  • Amazon's Crown Channel is teaming up with Riot Games to host a Valorant inspired music festival.
  • The event will feature popular artists like Ookay, Whipped Cream, Moore Kismet, ARMNHMR and more.
  • Fans can catch the event live on January 15th on Twitch on the official Crown channel.

Amazon’s Crown Channel and Riot Games are set to host wwFest, Valorant, an experimental art, and music festival. The event will air on January 15, 2021, on Crown Channel. Fans can expect live performances from artists, dancers, and musicians alongside VFX and animated backgrounds by Riot Games.

What is the wwFest: Valorant 

The event will feature drones and show the perspectives of Valorant agents Raze, Jett, Phoenix, and more.
Image by Riot Games

The stream will feature prominent artists in the entertainment industry, including Ookay, Whipped Cream, Moore Kismet, ARMNHMR. According to Riot Games, these are just some of the stars making it to the Valorant event. We can expect more high-profile guests to show up on January 15.

To enhance the experience for Valorant players, the event will be filmed using drones, and we will see the stream from the perspective of Valorant agents. Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, Jett, and Killjoy are the agents selected for the stream. Riot will be reflecting the agents’ style, culture, and attitude when filming. This is very similar to how Riot has created K/DA for League of Legends, which is a K-pop band that features characters from the popular MOBA.

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Whenever a Valorant agent is on the main stage, their drones will stream multiple angles and showcase the performances. Viewers will be able to switch between the cameras and get their own customized experience.  If you cannot attend the event, Riot Games will be uploading all the highlights and videos of the festival on the official channel. Fans will be able to check out the perspectives of all individual agents via their VODs.

This is not the first time. Riot is hosting a live event with augmented reality based on one of their games. The company is known for its AR performances featuring in-game characters that players can view on stream or at live events via virtual displays. Riot Games and Amazon’s Crown Channel have not confirmed the event's time yet, but following the Crown Twitch channel will ensure that you are notified when the event goes live on January 15.

January 15 also marks the end of Episode 1 of Valorant. The game will move on to Episode 2, Act 1. Players are expecting a new map, agent, and other content updates to drop next month. Riot will also kick off its Valorant Champions Tour in January, open to all professional and amateur teams across all regions.

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