Vitality Rachitroo’s Journey to YouTube Stardom

Vitality Rachitroo’s Journey to YouTube Stardom

Abhimannu Das
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  • Rachitroo is one of India's biggest gaming YouTubers and he recently joined Team Vitality as a content creator.
  • The YouTuber started streaming at the age of 14 and he plans on starting streaming in the future.
  • He currently has over 2.79 million subscribers and aspires to become the biggest content creator in Asia.

After uploading his first video three years ago, Rachit Yadav knew he wanted to be a content creator. With over 2.79 Million YouTube subscribers as “Rachitroo,” the popular Indian YouTuber is now a member of Team Vitality. The young star covers various games for his audience and draws viewers from India and beyond.

The young star spoke to me about his journey so far and how he intends to take his YouTube channel to the next level.

Rachitroo’s journey through YouTube

Rachitroo is now a part of Team Vitality's content creator roster. 

Rachitroo hit the upload button for the first time when he was just 14 for fun. But he says he realized the true potential of gaming and YouTube only 2-3 years later. He has since become one of the top gaming content creators in the country. Currently, He boasts a massive loyal following who watch him play various game titles ranging from GTA V and Minecraft to Shower Simulator and Tasty Planet. “For me, it doesn’t matter which game is popular,” says Rachitroo. “I prefer playing games that I enjoy and find interesting. More than the game, I would rather prefer to focus on myself.”

He draws his inspiration from Spanish content creators. “I like to watch Spanish content creators a lot because of their creativity. The way they stylize their content is also really good.”

Streaming Plans?

Currently, the Indian YouTube star is focused on content creation more than streaming. He splits his time between playing different games, challenge videos, and other personality-based content.

Streaming is something he wants to consider in the future, but he wants to bring something unique to the audience. He says, “I have big plans for 2021, but I cannot reveal much yet. I request my fans to wait for me to go live, and it’s going to be a lot of fun!” 

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Failures and Ambitions

Rachitroo loves the fact that his career helped him be friends with creators like Mythpat, Live Insaan, and Total Gaming.

While he believes he has faced challenges and made mistakes during his streaming career, he does not want things to be different. He says, “I wish I could change a lot of things in the past, but I don’t want to. If I didn’t make mistakes, I would not be where I am today. I want to become one of the biggest influencers in the next three years. Gaming is still growing in this country of 1.2 Billion people, and I see myself growing with the community.” He told me that his current goals are to become Asia’s most popular content creator and hit one billion views a month on his YouTube channel.

He is still in school right now and never imagined that he would be thinking about content creation at such a young age. But his passion helped him create memorable experiences; he says, “I am glad that my channel helped me make new friends including creators like Total Gaming, Live Insaan, and Mythpat. I love going outside and have people come and talk to me. I enjoy talking to my fans and love being a content creator.”

Rachitroo also had a few words of advice for aspiring content creators. He believes that the key to success is to focus on themselves more than the game they’re playing. “It’s very easy to become popular with a flow of popular games, but focus on yourself rather than the game you play. Make a bond with the viewers who are watching you and make them enjoy what you enjoy.”

Team Vitality approached Rachitroo recently, and he took up the opportunity because he always wanted to join an organization. He says, “I am looking forward to what’s next for me, and I am glad my friend Nischay ‘Live Insaan’ Malhan is also joining with me.”

Note: Rachitroo’s quotes have been edited for context and clarity.

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