Riot Unveils Valorant BlastX and Winter Wonderland Bundles

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Riot Unveils Valorant BlastX and Winter Wonderland Bundles


  • Riot Games is set to launch its Valorant BlastX and Winter Wonderlands bundles soon.
  • The cosmetic bundles will be available for purchase in an upcoming update and they will include 5 skins each.
  • The Valorant BlastX Bundle is reportedly coming out on December 23.

We just received details of the upcoming patch that brings balance changes, a new map, and a new event to Valorant. In addition to all the in-game content, Valorant fans will also get access to two special cosmetic bundles this Christmas. The Valorant BlastX and Winter Wonderland Bundles will feature new skins that players can purchase individually or grab the bundles at a discounted price.

Valorant BlastX Bundle

The Valorant BlastX skins were first teased a few days ago on the official Twitter account. Riot Games also added “Play Zilla” as an official sponsor for the First Strike events to tease fans about the upcoming skins. The retro-themed skins look like toy guns, and players will be able to grab skins for the following weapons once the bundle goes live:

  • Odin
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Frenzy
  • Melee

Like a lot of other premium skins, the Valorant BlastX bundle will feature skins with four levels. Players can unlock new levels for each skin. New animations will be added each time you level up the skins. The level four skins will let players will

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Valorant Winter Wonderland Bundle

Right after we get the Valorant BlastX bundle, the game will drop yet another cosmetic bundle for the holiday season. The winter-themed bundle will feature the following skins:

  • Phantom
  • Ghost
  • Marshall
  • Vandal
  • Melee

Unlike the Valorant BlastX skins, Winter Wonderland has one variant only. There are intricate designs on each weapon's body, similar to the Nebula skins, which dropped earlier this year. The skins will also be light-sensitive, and players will notice different animations in different lighting conditions in maps. The skin bundle is expected to drop sometime during the holiday season.

In a recent Dev Talk, some of the skins' designers talked about how the skins were brought to life. One of the designers talked about how the Winter Wonderland theme was inspired by one of his trips to Germany in 2018. He liked the wintery feeling and wanted to recreate a similar feeling in the skins.

When Can Players Buy the Valorant BlastX and Winter Wonderland Skins?

The BlastX collection is set to release on December 23rd, but Winter Wonderland skins will drop when the next big patch releases. According to data miners, there are other bundles in the works, but they will not be released anytime soon. The bundles are typically priced at $30 for all skins included in the bundle, and grabbing the skins individually costs significantly more.

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