Possible New Map Teased at Valorant First Strike Korea

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  • Valorant is getting a new map soon according to a teaser from First Strike Korea.
  • The new map looks like a medieval castle and it may also mark the arrival of Mori, the game's next agent.
  • Players will also receive a new cosmetic update later this month with a Play Zilla BlastX skin bundle being teased.

Riot Games keeps its player base on its toes once again with a teaser for a possible new Valorant map. The teaser was shown off during Valorant First Strike Korea just days after the company showed off a mini trailer for its upcoming BlastX skin collection headed to the game. 

Are We Getting A Castle-Themed Valorant Map?

Possible New Map Teased at Valorant First Strike Korea
The new location appeared multiple times during the event, along with existing maps at the event.
Image by Riot Games

During the opening ceremony of Valorant First Strike Korea, fans noticed a recurring theme amidst all the stunning visuals and choreographed performances. There was a castle that was shown off multiple times through visuals and backgrounds. It looked like the Valorant team was teasing fans with a possible new map, which may drop as early as January 2021. 

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Earlier this year, we got an update from Riot Games on how they want to proceed with new content. The team is working on multiple new maps, so we can expect faster content updates moving forward. The new location showed off in the teaser looks very different from our usual Valorant maps. The new castle-themed map has not been confirmed officially, but fans have put on their tinfoil hats and expect it to be the next map headed to the game. 

A medieval castle is a far cry from Valorant’s current maps that show us a glimpse of futuristic Earth. We can expect Riot to recreate the castle with a modern twist to match Valorant’s timeline. Episode 2 will also mark the era of Valorant’s Champions Tour, which will begin on January 2021. Players from all over the world will be able to compete in the year-long event to take home the Champions trophy. Unlike the previous First Strike event which was a regional tournament, winners of the regional qualifiers will be headed to the global finals, which will be an on-stage event. 

Aside from the castle map, we also got teasers for Valorant’s next agent, who is likely to be the samurai Mori. After Skye, Mori's lore is tied to the Icebox map. We will also get new skins as part of the BlastX collection later this month as part of the holiday update. Riot has teased several new weapons and melee skins with Play Zilla branding. Leakers have also suggested that the new update will drop on December 23. Episode 2 of Valorant should begin early next year with a new map, agent, and other content updates.  

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