Valorant First Strike Results: Here Are Your New Champions


Valorant First Strike Results: Here Are Your New Champions

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant First Strike finals have ended and we now have our full list of winners.
  • The tournament will be followed up by Valorant Championship Tour next year.
  • The championship tour will take offer a global platform for all Valorant teams worldwide.

Riot’s Valorant First Strike finals have come to a close globally, and we are happy to present the champions from all regions. The main event was full of ups and downs all around, with teams like TSM and Sentinels failing to secure the title in NA and heavyweights Bren Esports taking home the win in the Philippines. Here is a rundown of all the winners from today. 

Valorant First Strike North America

Fans were waiting for a revival of the TSM and Sentinels rivalry, and while the former did make it to the finals, Sentinels was beaten by 100 Thieves. The finals were intense, with two intense matches on Split and Bind. But 100 Thieves put on a dominant performance on Haven and Ascent to seal their spot as the North American Champions.

Valorant First Strike Europe

Team Heretics showed no signs of slowing down after putting on dominant performances in the qualifiers. They beat Team Liquid and G2 Esports on the road to finals and finally secured the European title against SUMN FC with a 3-1 victory. 

Valorant First Strike SEA

Independent organizations, in partnership with Riot, held the SEA wing of the Valorant First Strike event. We saw Mineski and ESL take charge and host the grand finals for the region under the First Strike Banner.

Thailand: Mi.TH Attitude is one of Thailand’s best teams, and after falling to the lower brackets during the first quarterfinals, they made their way to the main event via the lower bracket. The team knocked out Sharper Esport, NG.Black and Attack All Around to qualify for the finals and face off against Overtime Esports. The team secured a comfortable 3-0 victory against Overtime and was crowned the First Strike Thailand champions. 

Philippines: Bren Esports put on an unbeatable performance in the First Strike main event with 0 in the quarterfinals and semifinals. They continued their winning streak with a 3-0 victory against ArkAngel as they took home the victory. 

Malaysia and Singapore: TODAK took home the Malaysia and Singapore championship with a closely fought 3-2 victory against Team SMG. The team had two free wins during the earlier stages with Running Dogs and Las Venturas forfeiting but put on a championship-worthy performance in the finals. 

Hong Kong and Taiwan: Taiwanese club ahq took home the victory at the Hong Kong and Taiwan wing of the First Strike event. Fan favourites LJG were their opponents at the finals and ahq handily beat them 3-0, securing the championship. 

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Valorant First Strike Japan

First Strike Japan was set up to be a blockbuster with both finalists making it to the main event with 0 losses since the quarterfinals. Absolute JUPITER and Blackbird Ignis were the two best performing teams in the tournament, but JUPITER took home the win with a 3-0 victory, keeping their win streak alive. 

Valorant First Strike CIS

forZe took home the CIS championship despite Team Singularity putting up a fight. The matches went 3-2 in forZe’s favour, and they will be taking home $21,600 as first prize. 

Valorant First Strike Korea 

Vision Strikers are your South Korea champions with wins against heavyweights like Cloud9 Korea and F4Q. The finals was a one-sided affair, with TNL being no match for Vision.

First Strike Oceania 

EXO Clan took home the First Strike Oceania championship with an unbeaten record since the quarterfinals. They beat Legacy Esports and Avant Gaming on the way to the main event and took on ORDER and beat them 3-0, securing the championship for their region. 

First Strike Brazil 

Brazilian team Gamelanders had three emphatic wins in their 3-1 BO5 set against paiN Gaming. The team dominated on Bing, Icebox, and Split and secured wins with some quick wins and taking home the Brazilian First Strike championship. 

Valorant First Strike Turkey

ESL Turkey hosted the tournament in partnership with Riot Games, and we saw BBL Esports take out heavyweights Oxygen Esports earlier in the tournament. The team went on to the finals and secured a 3-0 win against Futbolist. 

Valorant First South America 

Estral Esports faced off against DKS and secured a comfortable 3-0 win at the finals. The Mexican team will be taking home $8,000 in prize money.

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