Bren Esports & ArkAngel Make It To Valorant First Strike Philippines Finals

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  • ArkAngel and Bren Esports are through to the finals at the Valorant First Strike Philippines finals.
  • Both teams will be competing at 1 PM PHT on December 6.
  • The total prize pool for the tournament is $10,000.

Riot Games is pushing Valorant on an international scale with Valorant First Strike, and things are heating up in the Philippines. Four teams have made it to the finals of First Strike Philippines, a tournament that is being held in partnership with Riot and Mineski Events Team. Unlike the NA and Europe counterparts, First Strike Philippines sanctioned teams from collegiate circuits and amateur teams to compete in the event. 

Mineski Events Team is hosting the tournament in the Philippines, but it is under the official First Strike banner. Riot has parented with multiple organisers like Red Bull, Secretlab, Prime Gaming, Globe, and Chicken Chingu to promote Valorant in SEA. The tournament has a prize pool of $10,000, and we have ArkAngel and Bren Esports heading into the finals on December 6. ATLAS Esports and Hashira share the 3rd and 4th spots and will be taking home $1,250 each.

ArkAngel and Bren Esports’ Road to First Strike Philippines Finals

Bren Esports & ArkAngel Make It To Valorant First Strike Philippines Finals
Mineski Events Team is partnered with Riot Games for hosting First Strike Philippines.
Image by Mineski

Bren Esports is yet to drop a single match since the quarterfinals with clean 2-0 victories against AG.Nefarious and Hashira. The team will be facing ArkAngel tomorrow at the finals for the title of First Strike Philippines champions. Our second finalist team ArkAngel beat fan favourites NXP Aether 2-0 before facing off against ATLAS Esports who they beat 2-1 to make it to the Grand Finals. 

Bren Esports & ArkAngel Make It To Valorant First Strike Philippines Finals

Semi-finalist Atlas Esports is currently ranked #23 in Valorant’s Asia-Pacific leaderboards. The team won 2-0 against ANBU Elite Gaming but faltered against finalist team ArkAngel. They will be taking home $1,250 in prize money. Atlas actively competes in Valorant tournaments in the Philippines including Cyberzone Challenger Series and KDR Valorant Tournaments.

Hashira had a free win at the quarterfinals with KADILIMAN dropping out of the tournament due to a disqualification. The team could not win against Bren Esports who are on their way to the finals against ArkAngel. Hashira has put on solid performances earlier in the tournament and actively compete in the Philippines Valorant circuit in tournaments like the Globe Virtual Hangouts Ulti Cup and AOC Masters.

The First Strike Philippines will be streamed at on December 6 at 05:00 AM GMT / 10:30 AM IST. We can expect all the top teams from First Strike Philippines to be back for the Valorant Champions Tour scheduled to begin next year, which will be a global tournament and include the entire SEA region.

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