Valorant Split: Tips and Tricks To Dominate The Map


Valorant Split: Tips and Tricks To Dominate The Map

Abhimannu Das
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  • Today we take a look at some tips and tricks you can use to master Valorant's Split map.
  • Making use of ziplines is crucial for success if you want to take advantage of vantage points.
  • Despite it being heavily advantageous for defenders, you can pull make use of well-timed flashbangs to push in as an attacking team.

Ever since Valorant’s release, Split has remained one of the most controversial maps in the game. Many players agree that the map is too easy to defend and requires changes to be balanced. Site A has limited cover, while Site B is too congested. It is unlikely that Riot will be making any major changes to the map anytime soon, which is why we have some tips and tricks that you should use in your gameplay.

Which Valorant Agents to Pick For The Split Map

Phoenix is one of the best picks on Split.
Image by Riot Games

You can always go for tried and tested Valorant agents like Omen and Jett, who have flashy playstyles and can have a big impact on matches. But Split is a map that favours defenders heavily, and using agents like Phoenix and Sage can be a good idea. Sage is not in the best spot right now, but she is set to receive a massive buff to her barrier on December 8th when patch 1.13 drops. Her ability to revive a teammate is also handy when you’re down in numbers. Phoenix, on the other hand, is great for taking advantage of tight corners. You can safely use his ultimate ability and get a trade at the very least without losing your life. He is great for both attacking and defending teams on Split. 

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Site A

Map layout for Split.
Image by Millenium

Site A is very easy to defend, and even if you are tempted to push out and get some early picks, it can backfire too easily. Bide your time and play around with the Screens since there is not much cover to make use of. It would help if you kept an eye out for attackers who can come in from Main or Rafters. If you have the numbers advantage and want to push out, consider making use of Tower and Ramps. A Main is where most Valorant players love to attack from, and you should stay at vantage points that give you a clear line of sight on the area.

Site B

You want to take advantage of the bottleneck between B Main and Site B. If you lose zone control in that area, it is round over for your team. Staying in Rafters is a good way to maintain a vantage point and look for enemy positions. Valorant players do not take advantage of B Back enough. It is one of the safest spots on the map, and you have a good line of sight on the B Main bottleneck. The downside to using that spot is you will not have anywhere to run if you get rushed from behind, so you need to stay sharp and keep an eye out for enemy movement. 

Make Use of The Ziplines

What makes Split unique is the presence of ziplines. They allow you to reach vantage points and surprise your opponents. But we need to warn you about using them because you are sitting ducks and can easily be shot down when you are using them. Players always expect ropes to be used and can take you out. You can try to be cheeky and hang on the ropes to catch your enemies off guard. 

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