Valorant BlastX Skin Collection Teased

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  • Riot games teased its upcoming Valorant BlastX skin collection later this year.
  • The collection will go live for purchase on December 23.

Dataminers recently uncovered some upcoming skins that are headed to Valorant later this year. The Valorant BlastX skins will be available for purchase on December 23, according to a teaser put up by the official Valorant account yesterday. There is also an easter egg that Riot Games planted by naming ‘Play Zilla’ as one of the Valorant First Strike event sponsors. 

What Skins Are Coming in The Valorant BlastX Collection?

Valorant Leaks posted an image from their datamined collection that showcases a work-in-progress BlastX Phantom skin. In a tweet, they said, “This is most likely not how the skin looks now, just how it used to look.”

It looks like we will be receiving skins for Phantom, Frenzy, and Spectre. No other weapon skins have been leaked yet. We will also receive a BlastX melee weapon skin, which replaces your tactical knife. Riot will reveal all the skins as we get closer to the release date this month. It is not the first time that the Valorant BlastX weapons have been leaked. The Valorant BlastX Phantom skin was leaked with the Asgard and Drips collections back in July 2020.

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How Much Will the Valorant BlastX Skins Cost?

Valorant BlastX Skin Collection Teased
The Valorant BlastX Collection is expected to be priced at $30.
Image by talha_ozyol

Most Valorant skin releases to date have been priced at 875 VP for each weapon skin or 2930 VP for the full bundle. A full bundle will set you back by approximately $30, but it is a much cheaper option than getting the skins individually.

How Does Valorant’s Cosmetic System Work?

Valorant’s cosmetics system is a simple “you get what you pay for” model with no loot boxes and random drops. Player skins and other cosmetics are available through via microtransactions, and they do not affect gameplay. The game uses a premium currency called Valorant Points, which you can purchase from the in-game shop. Likely, you will not earn any of the Valorant BlastX skins for free unless there is a free skin offered for Christmas. The game does have some free skins through agent contracts, which you can unlock via gameplay.

The battle pass also has set cosmetics that you can unlock through gameplay after purchasing the season pass. The game also has upgradeable skins with anything between four to seven upgrade levels by spending radianite, the game’s premium currency.

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