ScreaM Says “Valorant is Tactically Way More Interesting Than CS”


ScreaM Says “Valorant is Tactically Way More Interesting Than CS”

Abhimannu Das
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  • In a recent interview, ScreaM revealed that Valorant is more interesting than CS:GO.
  • The former CS pro also believes that Valorant is more interesting because of the tactics involved.
  • He added, that it is much easier to get punished for mistakes in Valorant than in CS:GO.

In a recent interview with, Valorant pro ScreaM compared Valorant to CS:GO and gave his insights on how they fare against each other. He revealed that both games have quite a few differences when you compare them. He talked about how Counter-Strike is more of an “aim game,” where people rely on skill. According to the former CS pro, it isn't easy to reach the top levels of Counter-Strike without incredible aim and mechanical skills, but Valorant is a more tactical game to him.

The Tactics Makes Valorant More Interesting Than Counter-Strike

ScreaM revealed that the various team compositions and tactics in Valorant matches could open up more playstyles. He thinks that this is just the beginning, and players will get better at Valorant over time, which will open up an even more tactical approach to the game in the upcoming tournaments.

On being asked which of the two FPS games is easier, he said Valorant is the easier of the two titles in terms of raw mechanical aim needed to perform at a high level. “Valorant is not a one-tap game,” and aiming is easier because of the slower movement. CS:GO has a faster pace to it, which makes aiming a lot more difficult. But there is still some difficulty involved, according to ScreaM, because it is easier for everyone if it’s easier to aim. It does not make it competitively easier as everyone has the same advantage in aiming because of the slower movement.

Scream added that you get punished very easily in Valorant compared to CS:GO. He believes if you make mistakes in Counter-Strike, you can always recover from it through raw mechanical skills or outplaying your opponents. But if you make a mistake in Valorant, you get punished instantly, and there is very little room to recover.

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Who Is ScreaM

Scream is currently a part of Team Liquid's Valorant roster.
Image by Team Liquid

For those who are new to esports, ScreaM is one of the best CS:GO players of all time and maintained one of the highest headshot rations in the history of any CS game. He started his career in around 2010 and is still playing professionally. He was an entry fragger and was part of multiple French teams. He eventually moved to G2 and helped the team reach #2 in the world. He eventually switched to Valorant and is now a part of Team Liquid. He qualified for the Valorant First Strike Finals, but his team was knocked out despite his impressive 89 kills in 3 matches. 

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