Valorant Community Upset with Ninja and TSM Myth’s First Strike Streaming Exclusivity


Valorant Community Upset with Ninja and TSM Myth’s First Strike Streaming Exclusivity

Abhimannu Das
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  • Fans do not want Riot to have just two exclusive streamers for the First Strike event.
  • Ninja and TSM Myth will be co-streaming the event as part of an exclusive deal with Riot Games.
  • Fans want Riot to remove exclusivity or onboard other streamers and content creators for the event.

Valorant’s First Strike finals are coming up this week, and Riot Games made a surprise announcement that Ninja and TSM Myth will be co-streaming the event. While the news did make fans excited, it was later revealed that the two popular streamers have exclusive rights to stream the event. It has led to a lot of heated discussion on online forums and a number of fans are upset over the decision.

Why Do Players Not Want TSM Myth and Ninja to Co-Stream?

Ninja and Myth will be co-streaming the First Strike finals exclusively. Image by Ninja

Fans do not have an issue with TSM Myth or Ninja co-streaming the upcoming Valorant tournament. But what they do want is more players and streamers to get access to streaming. They do not want it to be an exclusive event just to have more content creators stream it live and offer live commentary or analysis. Another issue with Riot’s choice of streamers is that both Ninja and TSM Myth are from the North American region and are not completely familiar with the competitive scene from other regions. The First Strike Finals are being held separately for all major regions and only two players from NA get to stream the event and analyze it live, which shuts out a lot of the audience.

One of the biggest issues with having TSM Myth on the stream is that his organization is competing in the Valorant tournament and fans expect him to be not as hyped for other organizations when he streams the event. Ninja is known for his popularity in Fortnite, and he has proven to be a top-tier Valorant player by hitting Radiant earlier this year. However, Ninja does not offer competitive analysis that players normally expect from analyst panels at big events by Riot. Figures like sideshow and Goldenboy are known for their entertaining and meaningful breakdown of matches and plays and fans are not expecting the same standard from the two streamers chosen by Riot.

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Who Should Get to Stream the Valorant First Strike Event?

Fans want Plat Chat to be a part of the First Strike streams. Image by Plat Chat

According to the Valorant community, Riot should simply allow more people to stream the event. Additionally, the Plat Chat team should get a chance to co-stream the event as well. The Plat Chat team consists of Matt "Mr X" Morello, Joshua "Sideshow" Wilkinson, Jonathan "Reinforce" Larsson, and Brennon "Bren" Hook. All four personalities have worked with Overwatch, and they currently work on a podcast that covers Valorant and esports in general for the community. A number of Valorant fans feel that the exclusivity being removed would be the best decision to promote lesser-known streamers and content creators. It will also offer a platform for content creators from regions other than NA. 

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